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9 Fashion *Secrets* You Need To Steal From Poo TODAY!

9 Fashion *Secrets* You Need To Steal From Poo TODAY!
A true Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham fan will know what it takes to be Poo’s prom date. ‘Good looks, good looks aaaand good looks!’ No matter what you call this film - melodramatic or over the top, you can’t deny that it’s impossible to watch anything else on T.V when this film is on! K3G was a trendsetter of its time and we still can’t get enough of it. But it was Kareena Kapoor a.k.a Poo from the film who absolutely stole our hearts! It’s been 15 years but Poo is still the most awesome character we’ve ever come across in Bollywood. If you share the same love for her as we do, here are 9 fashion secrets to steal from Poo, to be a true head turner wherever you go, just like her!  

1. Dramatic Co-Ords!

1 fashion secrets to steal from poo Co-ords may be totally in now, but guess who rocked them way before they were even famous? Flared pants with slits paired with a matching crop top can look SO good! Ditch the basic culottes and crop top and go for dramatic flared pants instead to rock co-ords like no other, well, except Poo!

2. Crop Tops For The Win!

2 fashion secrets to steal from poo Way before we knew of their existence, Poo wore crop tops and damn, did she look gorge! Style crop tops with high waist pants for maximum glam and accessorize with statement earrings, a choker neckpiece or a fur scarf to make the look work for you!

3. Don’t Shy Away From Statement Chokers

3 fashion secrets to steal from poo Who said your accessories can’t be the same colour as your outfit? Take inspiration from Poo and wear statement chokers with simple tops and dresses to add a glamorous effect to your outfit. Look at this yellow floral choker for instance, we’re LOVING it!

4. Sharara Sharara!

4 fashion secrets to steal from poo Latest trends have you confused? Don’t worry. Poo told us in the early 2000s that shararas are here to stay. She wore them then, and they’re still in fashion! Shararas are comfortable and make for very festive outfits. If you’re choosing a heavily embellished sharara set, go for a subtle colour with sequins in shades of the same colour. Just look at how Poo is rocking them!  

5. How To Rock Mini Skirts

5 fashion secrets to steal from poo Aren’t we always so confused when it comes to styling mini skirts? If you’re going for a mini skirt that’s also body hugging, it’s advisable to wear a slightly more covered top. If you want to wear an asymmetric crop top like Poo, don’t forget to put on a jacket and a fun scarf just like she would, to balance out the look.

6. Sport Prints Like A Boss

6 fashion secrets to steal from poo While a lot of you might think shy away from dramatic prints, they have the potential to make a big statement if worn the right way. Avoid dressing in statement prints from head to toe. Take style notes from Poo and choose one item you’d like to make a statement with. If you plan to wear an animal printed jacket for instance, choose a top from the same colour palette, or a neutral colour to balance the look.

7. Make Ethnic Wear Look Sexy

7 fashion secrets to steal from poo Poo surely knows how to make desi wear look sexy too! Just look at the blouse back design! She knew how to add a sexy touch to even the most basic clothes. Remember the black suit she wore to the mandir? We loved the way she showed a bit of her midriff in that outfit! Be like Poo and focus on one area you want to flaunt to look sexy in ethnic wear.

8. Dramatic Makeup

8 fashion secrets to steal from poo Finally, complete the look with dramatic makeup… Or dramatic eyeliner maybe? It’ll add a retro vibe to your outfits. Not just that, it’ll give your personality a bold makeover! When you want to go easy with your clothes, you can add tonnes of drama to your look by choosing the right kind of dramatic makeup!  

9. Stay Confident, Stay Awesome!

9 fashion secrets to steal from poo Last but not the least, stay awesome! Poo was shamelessly herself and loved herself to bits! That’s exactly how all of us should treat ourselves. Love yourself for who you are and we bet it’ll add so much sass to your look instantly.