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H&M, AND, DKNY: 10 Popular Fashion Brands & Their Full Forms!

H&M, AND, DKNY: 10 Popular Fashion Brands & Their Full Forms!

We use names like H&M and Adidas so casually in our daily lives without even thinking what these names really stand for, or if they even stand for anything! To all the fashionistas out there for whom shopping is now synonymous with the name ‘H&M’, here’s some trivia on famous fashion brands you never knew about! We give you 10 BIG fashion brands and their full forms you had absolutely no idea about! Have fun reading!

1. H&M - Hennes & Mauritz

1 fashion brands and their full forms Image: H&M on Instagram The company was founded by Erling Persson when he opened his first shop in Sweden called Hennes. Hennes means ‘hers’ in Swedish. It was in 1968 when Persson acquired apparel retailer Mauritz, the company included menswear in their collection as well! Hence the name, Hennes & Mauritz.  

2. FCUK - French Connection UK

2 fashion brands and their full forms Image: FCUK on Instagram We all know about French Connection, don’t we? Well, since the company is based out of UK, it gets the abbreviation ‘FCUK’. Soon after a movie by the same name (The French Connection) was released, founder Stephen Marks established the company. There’s been a lot of controversy regarding fcuk’s similarity to the taboo F-word. Well, let’s just leave it at that!  

3. DKNY - Donna Karan New York

3 fashion brands and their full forms Image: DKNY on Instagram DKNY is a New York based fashion label started by Donna Karan. The ‘New York’ part of the label is there to set the pace and attitude of the fashion house!   

4. AND - Anita Dongre

4 fashion brands and their full forms
Image: Anita Dongre on Instagram We all know of the veteran designer, Anita Dongre and we also know about AND. But did you know that AND actually stands for Anita Dongre? And the full name of her label is AND Designs India. What a cool way to abbreviate your own name, no?

5. TBZ Jewellers - Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri

5 fashion brands and their full forms Image: TBZ on Instagram TBZ is a renowned jewellery retailer in India. It was established by Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri in 1864 in Zaveri Bazaar, the jewellery district of Mumbai. Now you couldn’t guess this one, could you?  

6. ASOS - As Seen On Screen

6 fashion brands and their full forms Image: ASOS on Instagram Every girl’s favourite online store was established in 2000 by Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths. ASOS is derived from the phrase ‘as seen on screen’, which was originally supposed to be the name of the brand. ASOS is now an online marketplace with merchandise from over 850 brands, including their own!

7. YSL - Yves Saint Laurent

7 fashion brands and their full forms
Image: YSL on Instagram   Because of how hard it is to pronounce ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ for many, it’s conveniently been abbreviated to YSL. Here are other fashion brands you might be pronouncing wrong! Yves Saint Laurent is a top fashion house founded by the famous french designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé.

8. Adidas - Adolf Dassler

8 fashion brands and their full forms Image: Adidas on Instagram Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler and that’s where the abbreviation comes from. However, it’s popularly (because of its huge fan following by sports lovers) also given the full form, ‘All day I dream about sports’! Though it’s a myth that Adidas stands for the same, die-hard fans of the brand refuse to believe so.

9. Abof - All About Fashion

9 fashion brands and their full forms Image: Abof on Instagram In the age of getting everything delivered to your doorstep, we’re sure you must’ve heard of Abof! Abof is an online fashion retailer under the Aditya Birla Group and sells products from the parent company itself. We bet ‘all about fashion’ wasn’t the first thing that came to your head when you heard the name Abof! Are we right?   

10. D&G - Dolce And Gabbana

10 fashion brands and their full forms
Image: Dolce And Gabbana on Instagram We’ve all seen the iconic ‘D&G’ logo on everything from belts to wallets, but how many of you know the full form of the popular fashion brand? Dolce And Gabbana is an Italian fashion house founded by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. The two met in 1980 while working in the same fashion house. In 1982 they started their own design consultancy which eventually grew to become ‘Dolce And Gabbana’! Pretty interesting, eh?
Published on Feb 23, 2017
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