10 ‘Five Second’ Makeup Tricks To Look *Stunning*

10 ‘Five Second’ Makeup Tricks To Look *Stunning*
Whether you’re always running late or super lazy to move an inch, we know of a few beauty hacks that take hardly 5 seconds to wrap up! We love and swear by them simply because they’re super easy to do, and the results show up in a jiffy! Here are 10 easy and quick makeup tricks that make a BIG difference! (Which one will you try out first?)

1. Dab On Some Blush For Instant Glowing Skin

1 quick makeup tricks This trick is gold especially when you’re in hurry! Whether you’ve already applied your makeup or going natural, don’t skip the blush. Gently dab some onto your cheekbones and you’re good to go! Not only will you instantly get rosy, glowy skin, but you’ll also look like you’re in the pink of health at all times.

2. Apply Concealer On Your Laugh Lines

Call it random, but this trick works like a charm every time! Just how you would normally apply a concealer on your dark circles, apply the same on both sides of your nose to reduce the visibility of those laugh lines and any wrinkles and tiny spots in that area. Blend a pea-sized amount of concealer well into your skin and we bet your face will look flawless. (Psst... You can finally use #NoFilter in the caption for that selfie on Insta. *Wink*)

3. Mix Your Cream With Your Fave Foundation For An Airbrushed Finish

3 quick makeup tricks Want dewy, glowy skin in a fraction of a second? That dream of yours can come true! Instead of directly using foundation, try mixing it with a face cream, serum or primer for airbrushed, seamless-looking skin. This super cool trick will make your skin look hydrated, moist and supple. Dab some of it on your cheeks, nose, decolletage area and forehead and watch it create some magic.

4. Apply White Eyeliner To Intensify The Eyeshadow Colour

If one of your biggest desires is to make your eyeshadow colour pop, we know of a trick that will surely work! Start by applying white eyeliner all over your eyelid and once that’s done, apply your favourite eyeshadow on top of that! What the white liner interestingly does is that it helps intensify the colour and makes the eyeshadow stay on for a longer time.

5. Brush Your Brows For A Sleeker & Tidy Look

5 quick makeup tricks Ladies, it’s all about paying attention to the tiny details - like your brows! If you have long, bushy and unruly brows, it’s time to tidy things up. Every morning, before you start your day, brush them and apply some brow gel to keep them in place. This hack is so simple, yet so effective, that by the end of it, you feel confident, bold and ready to take over the world!

6. Use A Nude Pencil On Your Waterline To Make Your Eyes Pop

Want a break from black, white and coloured eyeliners? Give the nude eye pencil a shot! Going nude along your waterline makes your eyes pop and gives it a more natural and delicate look. Doesn’t that sound awesome? You have to try it to believe it!

7. A Highlighting Pen Can Fake A Bigger Pout

7 quick makeup tricks Some of you may already know that applying a highlighter or shimmery white eyeshadow to your cupid’s bow gives the illusion of plump lips. What we bet you didn’t know is that you can take it a step further by lining your entire top lip using a highlighting pen. Use your index finger to apply and blend it in. You can either just leave it at that, or do the same for your lower lip - that way when light shines on them, your lips will stand out!

8. The Bronzer That Makes Your Double Chin Disappear

We know how troublesome it is to deal with a double chin. Getting rid of them requires a good workout routine and a healthy diet. However, if you know this makeup trick, you can totally reduce the appearance of that double chin. Using a matte bronzer is your key! Simply pick a bronzer that’s two shades darker than the skin around your chin and jawline. Apply a thin and light layer over it and blend well towards your gorgeous neckline. And, viola! You’re done.  

9. Shimmery Eyeshadow For An Instantly Wide Awake & Fresh Look

9 quick makeup tricks Tired eyes, sleepy eyes, panda eyes, all of it can be taken care of by simply using a shimmery eyeshadow. Make your eyes pop and give them a wide awake look by sweeping a sheer, powdery layer of light brown eyeshadow along your bottom lids. You can also try this trick along with an under-eye concealer to get a softer and healthier look.

10. Dust Translucent Powder On Your Lips To Make Lipstick Last Longer

You know that annoying feeling of having to do touch ups when your lipstick keeps fading away? We feel you, sista! That’s why you need to know this miracle hack! After putting on a coat of lipstick, dab some tissue paper on your lips, and then, gently dust on some translucent powder on them. This trick helps set the colour to perfection and makes it last longer on your lips too! Ain’t that a genius beauty trick? Images: Shutterstock