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11 Quick & Affordable Ways To Give Yourself A FAB Makeover!

11 Quick & Affordable Ways To Give Yourself A FAB Makeover!
Bored of your look but don’t know how to change it up without going too drastic? Well, as your beauty godmothers, we’ve put together a few affordable, quick and easy ways to give yourself a makeover, without spending too much. Read on for a few ideas to transform your look with minimal effort, and make sure you’re never stuck in a beauty rut again. Are you ready for your makeover, lovelies?

1. Give Fake Lashes A Try

1 give yourself a makeover Not only will they open up your eyes like never before, they’ll add more drama and glam to your look. Way more than generous coats of mascara ever will!

2. Time For A Fringe Fix

Getting bangs is such an easy way to change up your look and at the same time get out of a boring hair rut. Whether you want to go bolder with a full box fringe or a bit more subtle with side flicks - it’s totally upto you. Bangs help soften your look and can also make your locks look fuller and healthier.

3. Try A New Lip Colour

3 give yourself a makeover Get out of your comfort zone and try a shade on your lips that you've never before! If you generally opt for bright shades, now is the time to try a sultry dark berry and if you always favour dark colour then try a bright baby pink today. A pop of colour on your pout is the simplest way of changing up your look and adding some drama.

4. Define Those Brows

You’ll be so surprised at the difference simply filling in your brows can make to your overall appearance. Bolder, thicker and more natural-looking brows are what you should be aiming for - it’ll give you a softer, more youthful look. Benefit’s ka-Brow is awesome for adding some drama to your brows while making them look soft and natural. If nothing else, you can use some brown or grey eyeshadow to fill them in to help change up your look instantly.

5. Change Those Frames

5 give yourself a makeover If you’re a chashmish, then maybe think about getting yourself a new pair of frames? They don’t necessarily have to be very expensive ones. A different size, shape or colour can seriously make a difference to your look.

6. Give Hair Extensions A Thought

Hair extensions are totally worth every penny as a temporary but awesome way to change up your look - you can do so many things with them! You can clip them in to give you super long locks, which are totally in trend for 2017 BTW, or use them for some dramatic volume. They’re perfect for adding length and fullness to your mane and refreshing your look.

7. Don’t Shy Away From Shimmer

7 give yourself a makeover A quick dusting of some shimmery shadow on your lids can brighten your peepers and retract light. A touch of shimmery bronzer on your legs can make them look irresistible. You can even try lipsticks to glam up your pout. Shimmer is going to be big this year, so hop on board with the trend to dramatize your look like never before.

8.  Learn To Contour

There’s no reason to shy away from contouring girls, it’s really not as hard as you think it is. Plus, there are so many contouring sticks available like this awesome one from NYX. They have both, light and dark shades in one, so you don’t need to spend on different products. Simple swipe on the darker shade diagonally from the corners of your lips towards your ears, along your hairline on your forehead and along your jawbone. Now apply the lighter shade, or just your regular foundation everywhere else and blend away. So simple! Say hello to a more sculpted face and chiseled cheekbones!

9. Go To Bed Early!

9 give yourself a makeover Cut out the late night TV and hit the sack early, girls. Beauty sleep is so important for helping repair and rejuvenate your skin. You’ll notice a difference with a few days of sleeping early itself. Waking up to brighter skin and fresh-looking eyes with less dark circles is the best way to makeover your look for the better, don’t you think?

10. Check Your Wardrobe

No, we don’t mean to go shopping for countless new clothes and styles! There are a few small things you can do that will make a big difference to your appearance. Most important of all is to get your bra size measured professionally every 6 months. Wearing a better bra that actually fits you perfectly can do wonders for your appearance. Other small things you can do is maybe not wear jeans for a week to get out of a rut or style your old clothes in new, different ways. Jewellery is also a fab way of changing up your look. Statement earrings or layering on a few necklaces can bring new life to an old outfit. Accessories are also an amazing way to draw attention away from unwanted zits or annoying dark circles.

11. It’s All In The Attitude

11 give yourself a makeover Confidence combined with better posture is key to improving your appearance. So straighten that back, stand up tall, think positively about yourself and get ready to turn heads and look better than ever before!
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