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10 Tips To Plan A Destination Bachelorette Party - On A Budget!

10 Tips To Plan A Destination Bachelorette Party - On A Budget!
Your bestie is getting married and there is no way you can settle for a bachelorette party that would last for only one night! So, if you are planning to pack your bags and get out of town with your girl squad, we have a few tips for you to keep in mind while planning a destination bachelorette party and have budget restrictions.

1. Keep the bride in the loop

First and foremost, don’t keep the plan as a surprise for the bride as she will be involved in various events to do with her wedding planning. Discuss the dates with her and see what works the best for her. Also, don’t underestimate the good rates you can get thanks to advance bookings. 1 destination bachelorette party

2. Let the bride decide her guest list

Since it is her bachelorette, let her be the one who decides the guest list. Ask her who all she would want at her party. This would also help you decide the number of people and the per-head cost for everyone.

3. Make a budget

To make sure you don’t overspend, set a budget for the trip. Discuss this budget with your other friends too and be clear on how much everyone needs to contribute. 3 destination bachelorette party

4. Book early

Once the dates are final and the budget is set, make your hotel and flight bookings on time. The more you delay this, the more money you all will have to shell out.

5. Plan it closeby

Having the party closer to your home town will not only help in making the planning easy but would also save you some money. Rather than taking a flight overseas, plan a weekend getaway which is accessible by car. Road trips are so much fun, girls.
5 destination bachelorette party

6. Go for an all-inclusive package

Choose a package that will include breakfast as a part of your room package. Take our suggestion and inform the hotel to extend your breakfast time till a little late as not many of you will be able to wake up on time for breakfast after partying all night. Ladies, packages turn out to be more economical and are surely the smart choice. Ask your hotel if they can include some sort of sightseeing as well, within your package.

7. Keep it short and sweet

Plan a weekend getaway rather than planning a 4-5 day holiday as a longer trip will mean more expenditure. Pack all the fun in 2 days and live it up, ladies. 7 destination bachelorette party

8. Opt for the off season time

The prices of flights as well as hotels are at their cheapest during off season. This way, you will get to enjoy a beautiful property at an amazing price. Just what the bride and her friends would want.

9. A BYOB bachelorette

One of the smartest ways of saving money is by carrying your own alcohol. Alcohol is very expensive in hotels due to the taxes. Thus, be smart and ask everyone to carry along the booze of their choice so that everyone has a great time without burning a hole in their pocket.
9 destination bachelorette party

10. Make beautiful memories

The memories you make on this trip will be priceless. Make sure you all spend lots of time together and give your bestie the ultimate send-off from singlehood! We’re talking games, dancing all night and LOTS of pictures to capture it all. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr