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11 Tiny Surprises To Plan For *Him* - Just Because!!

11 Tiny Surprises To Plan For *Him* - Just Because!!

Ladies, you don’t need a reason or a day to show your man some love. Take him by surprise, we say! Smother him with sloppy kisses and win his heart with super romantic gestures. Throw him a surprise that’ll he’ll cherish and remember for a lifetime. Here are 11 tiny ways to surprise your boyfriend - just because you can.

1. Send him cute voice notes of you singing his favourite song.

We bet your sweet voice will make him go GAGA!

2. Bake him a batch of chocolate brownies.

Talk about scoring some serious brownie points after this, ehh? 2 ways to surprise your boyfriend

3. Get a bouquet of flowers delivered at his doorstep or workplace.

Pssst… A greeting card would make a fabulous addition.

4. Pen your thoughts down and write him a long romantic letter.

Poems, song lyrics and even cutesy quotes, go for it! It’s going to turn him into a mushball! 4 ways to surprise your boyfriend

5. Serve him delicious breakfast in bed.

And a hot makeout session soon after! *Wink*

6. Give his bathroom a romantic makeover

Toss some roses, add some candles! Some red wine and soft music to add to the vibe. Sounds dreamy, eh? 6 ways to surprise your boyfriend

7. Pull off a flash mob at the college canteen or class with your girlfriends.

We bet his heart is going to skip a beat watching you dance to every beat.

8. Send him a naughty selfie of yourself while he’s in class or at work.

You’re going to be on his mind all day and night - that’s for sure.
8 ways to surprise your boyfriend

9. Dedicate and request the DJ to play his favourite track in the club.

You have no idea how happy that’ll make him. He’ll be dancing with joy!

10. Get a jar and fill it with 101 love notes.

Trust us, with every note he reads, he’ll fall for you more!   10 ways to surprise your boyfriend

11. When he’s not looking, change his phone’s home screen picture.

To that picture he loves of the two of you together! That way, when he unlocks his phone, he’ll die of a mush attack. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Feb 22, 2017
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