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10 Mushy ‘Miss You’ Texts To Make Your Guy *Smile*

10 Mushy ‘Miss You’ Texts To Make Your Guy *Smile*
When your boyfriend is not around, you miss him, don’t you? Although we are pretty sure he knows that (because he misses you too!), it can’t hurt to say it once in a while. So here are 10 cute texts to send to your guy when you are missing him a bit too much!

1. ‘You know what I miss more than cake right now? You. And you know how much I love cake, don’t you?’

It’s goofy and cute. You can totally replace ‘cake’ with whatever you love the most! 1 texts to send to your guy

2. ‘You better be ready for a sneeze marathon, mister. ‘Coz I am missing you too friggin much!’

This will make him go ‘Hahahaha’ too!

3. ‘Okay, we need to talk about something important.’

This one might give him a tiny panic attack and he is gonna ask ‘What happened?’ That’s when you say… ‘You need to stop this. Stop occupying my thoughts all the damn time. How am I supposed to get any work done when I am missing you all the time?!’ 3 texts to send to your guy

4. ‘You know what I want to do right now? Rent our favourite movie and snuggle in a quilt with you!’

You never know, he may actually play the genie and grant you your wish!

5. Click a picture of yourself wearing his tee or his shirt and caption it ‘I was missing you a tad too much!’

It’s gonna put a BIG smile on his face. 5 texts to send to your guy

6. ‘I want to write “I miss you” on a rock and throw it on your face so that you know how much missing you hurts.’

And that’s how you get him to smile his crooked but adorable smile!

7. ‘Listen, the pickle jar won’t open. Can you come home? P.S. I miss you!’

He’ll know it’s not about the pickle jar, ladies!
7 texts to send to your guy

8. ‘I am planning to play the masseuse today. Come home early and you may be in for a surprise!’

A slightly naughty message always does the trick!

9. ‘You are one irritating, fuzzy, somewhat untidy yet cute goofball. I need my goofball. I miss my goofball!’

Aww! Your goofball will want to run to you immediately when he reads this! 9 texts to send to your guy

10. ‘I miss you *kiss emoji* *heart eyes emoji* *sad face emoji*’

The classic. You can never go wrong with this one, girls! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr