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10 Adorable Ways To Ask Him To Be Your Happily Ever After!

10 Adorable Ways To Ask Him To Be Your Happily Ever After!
Why should it always be the guy who proposes? Wouldn’t it be nice for the girl to go out of her way, get down on one knee and pop the question?! Trust us, he’ll be flattered… not just for now, but for life! So girls, take charge and plan a dream proposal for him. And really, it’s not that hard. Whatever, you plan, just sprinkle it with lots of love and we’re sure, he’ll say yes. Here are 10 super cute proposal ideas.

1. A trip to remember

One of the easiest things to do is to plan a mini vacation. It could be a hill station 3 hours away from the city or a weekend trip to Goa. If that seems too much, just opt for a staycation that he’ll remember forever. And since you’re both staying together, how about a proposal early in the morning! Wake him up with flowers by his side and a note that reads, ‘Will you marry me?!’ 1 cute proposal ideas

2. The love book

When was the last time you made him a scrapbook? Put your creative abilities to good use and prepare a scrapbook with both of your pictures. The first page should talk about the time you first met, follow it up with your oldest pics, leave in some special notes and stick in any of those special memories you’ve both had. And the last page of your book, well, that’s where you write down your proposal. Sweet, na?!

3. Family surprise!

If you’re in that phase where both your families know about your relationship, then why not make them a part of the proposal?! Have all your close friends and family gather at someone's house and have one of them invite your boyfriend over for a casual dinner. Decorate the entryway with candles that lead him to the area where you’re all gathered to surprise him. Hire a guitarist and go down on your knees for a proposal he’ll never ever forget.

4. On a hot air balloon

A proposal on a hot air balloon… now that’s what dreams are made of. Arrange for a hot air balloon ride around your city and go down on your knees while you’re up in the air. While this may be a little expensive, it is also a proposal worth every penny. Head here to get a lowdown on all the balloon safaris in and around your city.
4 cute proposal ideas

5. The dinner date

Want to keep it simple yet memorable? Plan a cosy candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant. Ask for a table set nicely in a corner, away from the rest of the crowd. Make it special right from the beginning with a guitarist singing his favourite songs and a note to greet him as he takes his seat. At the end of the night, take the old school route and present a cake that reads, ‘Will you marry me?’. And if you’re planning to get a ring, then hide it in his slice of cake or maybe leave it in his wine glass.

6. Announce it on the radio!

Do you want the entire city to know that you two are getting hitched?! How about proposing to him on the radio?! It’ll be such an awesome thing to do! Also, it’s perfect if you’re the shy kind. We swear, if you can pull it off, then nothing like it.

7. A game of treasure hunt

So you hide the ring at a secret spot in your house and he has to find it. And it’s up to you how exciting you make this game of treasure hunt. Hide clues all around the place. These could be about your relationship - where did we first meet, the first thing I ever gifted you or even some naughty questions like the one move that really gets me turned on?! With every correct answer, you give him a hint as to where the next clue is hidden. The trail finally leads him to that shiny little box that contains the ring. 7 cute proposal ideas

8. For the love of dance

Flash mob proposals are so popular these days! And they sure are the way to go if you want a big and grand proposal. Take him to the mall for a casual day of shopping and surprise him with a dance routine on all his favourite numbers. You can hire a dance troupe that specializes in flash mobs. And you can even include your friends and cousins in the routine. Head here for more deets!

9. A room full of balloons

What if he opens the door to his house to find a hundred heart-shaped balloons waiting to greet him? Adorable, right?! Decorate his house with an all red & white balloon theme. You can even get those pretty gas balloons that stick to the ceiling with long ribbons and your pictures hanging from them. And have the proposal displayed on one of the walls. Get a life size chart paper and write down those magic words in bold bright letters. Such an intimate way to propose.

10. You can make him a video!

You may need a little help from one of your budding photographer friends for this one. Surprise him with a cute little video that ends with you proposing to him… in the video. Tell him all that you’ve always wanted to. Take him back to all those firsts - your first date, the road on which you went for your first drive together, your usual hangout, and every other place, thing or photograph that made your relationship what it is today. Invite him over for an at-home movie date and play this video instead! 10 cute proposal ideas GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr