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10 Cute Little Things That ONLY Happen To *Besties*

10 Cute Little Things That ONLY Happen To *Besties*
Candace Bushnell, the author of Sex and the City, once said, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” As one grows older, it feels imperative to reflect on female friendships and realize that the little moments in which we connect and bond with our best friends may be much more tangible and special than those spent with our partners. Here are ten cute little moments only besties share with each other...

1. Totally Crazy Gossip Sessions

When you meet someone you both despise, and can’t wait to step out to ring your bestie and tell her, “You won’t believe who I ran into!” And she’ll know before your admission exactly who you were talking about. 1 moments only besties share (1)

2. Those Ultimate Shopping Sprees

You go into your favourite brand's store and immediately set your eyes on this beautiful dress, which you both instinctively know, was tailor-made, just for you…

3. Wayyy Too Many Coincidences

When you're watching the same episode of the same season of the same show, without any indication that your BFF was doing just the same exact thing! Because if you haven't moped over wedding scenes, wondering why your lives were devoid of such happy endings, are you really even besties? 3 moments only besties share

4. The Never Ending Coffee Dates

This is a quintessential trope for romantic dates but also a great way to catch up with your bestie. You start by plonking yourself on the biggest couch there is and arguing about who is going to go and place the order. Things only go uphill from there...

5. When You Know She's Got Your Back

Sometimes you accompany your BFF for that dreaded haunted house trip she really wanted to go for. And she has your back when you are at a stand-up comedy night and suddenly want to go on stage and crack some bad jokes. What? That's just what BFFs do!
5 moments only besties share

6. Using Your Super Secret Shorthand

Epitomised by the true blue queens of comedy, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, you and your BFF have a special way of communicating in public places. You might be talking about people right in front of them, but they have no idea what’s going on.

7. Danger, Averted

A bad shoe bite or forgetting to carry a safety pin that one day of the year when you choose to wear a saree... Don’t worry! Your BFF has got you covered. She comes to your rescue ALL the time! 7 moments only besties share

8. Food Cravings

When you both want pani puris at midnight while on a week-long detox diet - enough said!!

9. Super-Synced Periods

Mood swings know no bounds and the pain is unbearable and nobody gets why you are angry yet laughing at the same time. Except your best friend - because your uteruses have synced up, just like your minds and hearts. 9 moments only besties share

10. When No Words Are Needed

You know those really bad days? Someone just broke your heart or you got yelled at work without any fault of yours... It makes you feel worthless until you meet your BFF. She just senses something is off and gives you a tight hug which makes everything okay. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr