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11 Things NOT To Do With A Condom - Before, During & After Sex!

11 Things NOT To Do With A Condom - Before, During & After Sex!
Using a condom is one of the most convenient forms of protection that couples can opt for. But before you make it your go-to choice, there are a few things you should know. Here are 11 common condom mistakes you can avoid making…before, during and after sex!


1. Not checking the expiry date

Yes, condoms come with an expiration date. Using an old condom can completely defeat the purpose of using one in the first place. The gel or the lubricant becomes less effective and the older the product, the more likely it is to break. 1 common condom mistakes

2. Storing it in the wrong place

Don’t store your condom anywhere where it’s too hot or too cold. It should be kept in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

3. Using it if it is damaged

You can figure out that a condom is damaged if it smells funny. Abstain from using one if you suspect it smells slightly odd. Also, a lot of people tend to open a condom packet using their teeth - this is a mistake as it can cause it to tear up by mistake. 3 common condom mistakes

4. Not using the right size

Pick the right size because the one-size-fits-all rule doesn’t apply here! The condom shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.


5. Not wearing it from the beginning

A lot of guys, in fact most, use a condom after penetration or in the middle of the act. You should ideally wear a condom before you begin to have sex. Even a tiny amount of semen or pre-cum has the potential to get you pregnant. 5 common condom mistakes

6. Not leaving some space to breathe

You must not put on a condom all the way till the top, as it makes it uncomfortable and hard to take off. Two reasons that might cause an unwanted spill.

7. Not using proper lube

Steer clear of oil-based lubricants as they can cause the condom to slip away. Instead, opt for water or gel-based lubes when you’re using a condom.
7 common condom mistakes


8. Flushing it in the toilet

Disposing a condom the right way is extremely important. And the thumb rule is - not to discard it in the toilet, as it can choke your drain. Knot it along the length, cover it in a paper bag and dispose it with the rest of your household trash.

9. Reusing the same condom

This increases the risk of the condom breaking and slipping off because of the friction that it has already been through. Also, it is extremely unhygienic! 9 common condom mistakes

10. Not checking if it is broken

After you’ve had sex and before you dispose off the condom, you should always check it for any leakage.This can be done by filling it with water, just to be absolutely sure!

11. Not removing it properly

Remove it slowly, sliding it down and pulling it out. Ideally, you should not be too close to your partner or in a position where the condom can spill over. 11 common condom mistakes Images: Giphy, Tumblr, Shutterstock