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11 Celeb-Style Fashion Gifts For *Him* (He’ll LOVE Them!)

11 Celeb-Style Fashion Gifts For *Him* (He’ll LOVE Them!)

If your boyfriend, like you is a fashion and Bollywood addict, we have something special for you! Inspired by the best dressed boys in B-town, here are 11 fashion gifts for your boyfriend. He's going to LOVE you for this!

1. Eccentric Prints!

1 fashion gifts for your boyfriend It’s no secret that Ranveer Singh loves playing with prints and colours when it comes to his style. If your boyfriend is as experimental and bold as Ranveer, this floral blazer is going to go so well with his personality! Price: Rs 2,749. Buy it here.

2. A Classic Shirt

2 fashion gifts for your boyfriend Nothing speaks class better than a well fitted shirt with a trendy twist. An offbeat shirt like this one is sure to make him look all shades of classy! Just like the ultra suave Rahul Khanna!
Price: Rs 1,195. Buy it here.

3. Electric Sunshine

3 fashion gifts for your boyfriend Just because bae works for a corporate firm doesn’t mean his outfits have to be dull and boring, right? Gift him this monochrome printed tie just like Ranveer’s and add a dash of glam to his everyday basics. He’s going to love this! Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

4. Shoe Game = Strong!

4 fashion gifts for your boyfriend Every guy has a soft spot for shoes, no matter what. If your boyfriend loves to keep his shoe game strong, just like Mr Dhawan, then it looks like we just found the perfect gift for him! Give him these babies and brighten up his day instantly! Price: Rs 1,899. Buy it here.

5. Workout Buddies

5 fashion gifts for your boyfriend Dating a gym freak? Who better than Shahid Kapoor to take inspiration from? We’re sure your guy will love to flaunt a slogan tee when he hits the gym, especially if you got it for him. How cute! Price: Rs 489. Buy it here.

6. Boy Next Door

6 fashion gifts for your boyfriend Nothing better than a denim jacket to nail the boy next door look. Don’t you agree? We’ve seen Aditya Roy Kapur wear them SO often! If your guy loves wearing a white t-shirt with denims all day everyday, then gift him a classic piece like this denim jacket to complete his wardrobe!  
Price: Rs 3,595. Buy it here.

7. Cap It Up!

7 fashion gifts for your boyfriend Whether it’s a film screening or just a day out with cousins, Ranbir Kapoor loves sporting caps! We all know that one guy who loves wearing caps, right? If your boyfriend happens to be one of them, what better than this camouflage print cap to give him? Price: Rs 1,119. Buy it here.

8. Statement Sunglasses

8 fashion gifts for your boyfriend Varun Dhawan loves chilling under the sun and flaunting his statement sunnies. If you check his Instagram regularly, you’ll agree! With summer round the corner, gift your someone special a pair of sunglasses so he can beat the heat in style. Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

9. Crazy For Combat

9 fashion gifts for your boyfriend

If you’re following Sidharth Malhotra on Instagram you’ll notice he loves everything combat! If your boyfriend loves khaki prints and loves all things macho too, then this coach jacket is made just for him!    Price: Rs 407. Buy it here.

10. Basics Like A Boss

10 fashion gifts for your boyfriend Simple and stylish, if these are the two words that describe your boyfriend the best, we’ve got something for you! Notice how Farhan Akhtar loves his crew neck tees? A simple crew neck t-shirt is a simple yet comfortable piece your guy would love to wear all day long. Especially if you gift it to him! Price: Rs 648. Buy it here.

11. A Stylish Sweatshirt

11 fashion gifts for your boyfriend We all know that Hrithik, fitness and hoodies go hand in hand. There’s a reason he started his own range of sports wear. Not only can this sweatshirt be worn post workout, it also makes for a really cool item to wear everyday. What better than gifting him a hoodie that keeps him warm and oh-so stylish?
Price: Rs 1,149. Buy it here. Did you find the perfect gift for your boyfriend? Let us know!
Published on Feb 1, 2017
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