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Love Fashion? 10 Careers Options For *You* (No, NOT Designing!)

Love Fashion? 10 Careers Options For *You* (No, NOT Designing!)
Would love a career in fashion but you’re not sure what? Who says fashion designing is the only career option in the fashion industry? Here’s a list of 11 awesome careers in fashion, other than designing that are totally worth giving a shot! Read on to find one that interests you the most. We bet, you’ll be surprised and inspired!

1. Fashion Stylist

We all love Sonam Kapoor’s outfits, don’t we? But little do we know, behind all the dazzle and glamour, there are a number of fashion stylists that are making the magic happen. From putting together looks for celebrities’ public appearances to sourcing the fashion items, it’s all done by fashion stylists. If celeb styling isn’t something you’re too keen on, plenty of publications require stylists to style and source the looks for shoots and ads. How to make it: A degree or diploma course in fashion styling will make you a certified stylist. If you don’t want to pursue a professional course, start from creating a portfolio by styling your friends and family and promote yourself on social media. Try grabbing an internship under some known stylists, magazines or websites. A knowledge of fashion trends, colour schemes, fashion terms and combinations is a must to be successful in this field.

2. Fashion Journalist

2 careers in fashion Image: Shutterstock If you are a creative thinker, love to write and share an undying love for fashion, fashion journalism is a great career choice for you. Added perks of your job would include passes to fashion shows and events as well as chances to interview celebrity stylists and designers, or even bollywood celebrities themselves. How to make it: A degree in literature, journalism or fashion is good to begin with, otherwise specialized courses for fashion journalism are also provided by a lot of colleges. Try grabbing internships under publication houses that have a fashion section. Apply for jobs under profiles of fashion writers. A flair for writing as well as a good understanding of fashion trends and terms is a necessity!

3. Fashion Photographer

Love all things style and have a penchant for taking great photos? Step in girls, fashion photography is waiting for you. This is probably one of those few careers where you don’t need a degree certification to start with. All you need is undying passion for fashion and photography. You will get to work with stunning models and gorgeous sets as well as get to travel to cool locations after establishing yourself. It’s a dream job for anyone who loves all things beautiful. How to make it: You could take up a photography course or directly start with building a portfolio. Intern under fashion photographers and assist on fashion shoots. Develop a social media page and following photography social media pages can help a lot. A deep sense of aesthetics and lighting is required. Basic knowledge of makeup, as well as fashion is essential too.

4. Fashion Blogger

4 careers in fashion Image: Kritika Khurana On Instagram One of the most popular career choices these days, fashion blogging is slowly taking over the Indian fashion industry. It is a great career choice if you want to start small and make it big. If you are a socially active person and love fashion, you can even grow your blog into a career and earn a high salary. You can also try it as a hobby if you love sharing your love for style with others. How to make it: No certification is required. Start by building a blog on a blogging website. You need to be socially active on all major social media websites including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Be consistent in the quality and quantity of your content and focus on being socially visible and growing your following. Also, pay special attention to taking beautiful pictures of yourself and your stylish ensembles. Approach brands for collaborations and also indulge in product reviews. You can find guide on start blogging here.

5. Fashion Youtuber/ Vlogger

Just like fashion blogging, fashion youtubing is growing at a really fast pace in the indian fashion industry. If you prefer videos over still shoots, this should totally be your career plan. It is a more interactive platform than blogging and will make you popular among people in no time. You just need to be consistent and great with your content. How to make it: Start by creating a youtube channel and share your content across all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get visibility and views. You can approach different brands for collaborations to gain more popularity and money.

6. Fashion Model

6 careers in fashion Image: Shutterstock Got ‘good looks’ and ‘good looks’ and an awesome personality? You should totally be giving modelling a chance. You will get to wear designer clothes that most people just dream of and in favourable conditions, you can even make it to the covers of high end magazines. Sounds tempting, eh? How to make it: Start with getting a portfolio shoot done and then get yourself registered with a fashion agency. If you want to start small, follow facebook pages to get featured in print shoots and ad campaigns. Focus on developing your portfolio and make contacts. You will start getting great assignments in no time.

7. Brand Manager

A brand manager is responsible for the growth of a brand or label. They are the link between the customers and the brand, trying to create a good brand image in the eyes of it’s customers.
How to make it: An MBA in Brand Management is a must have for this position. Relevant internships and reference letters are a great help too. A natural flair for networking will help you go far in a field like this.

8. Fashion Production Manager

8 careers in fashion Image: Shutterstock The front liners of fashion, fashion production managers are responsible for getting textiles and clothing made at the production or manufacturing level. Their main tasks include working closely with suppliers and retailers to ensure quality production. How to make it: A degree in apparel management or fashion technology would be a great start. Since it’s a senior job position, you would have to go step by step to reach your goal. Great organizational and management skills would definitely take you there.

9. Public Relations

A public relations officer’s job is to make sure the brand is always in the public eye getting enough publicity. A charming, outgoing personality with great communication skills is a must in this field. How to make it: A degree in communications, marketing, or business - along with internships at PR firms and client servicing departments all will surely get you there!

10. Makeup Artist

If you’ve spent half of your life watching youtube makeup tutorials and the other half trying it on yourself or your friends, then you should totally be considering this as your career. A makeup artist is responsible for bringing out the aura of the outfit by highlighting it with complementary makeup. From runway shows to fabulous shoots, a makeup artist is indispensable for making the models and the clothes stand out. How to make it: There are a lot of makeup courses available these days. Even if you have learnt makeup by doing it yourself, create a social media page showcasing your work. You will get a great response. Assisting established artists is also recommended.   All the best, girls!