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10 Bridal Makeup Myths You Need To STOP Believing Right Now!

10 Bridal Makeup Myths You Need To STOP Believing Right Now!
Most of us are so finicky when it comes to our makeup, aren’t we? And when it comes to bridal makeup - well, we are all the more hyper and particular about every little detail. Now, since there is so much talk around the dos and don’ts of wedding makeup, it can get a tad bit confusing. To help you out, we give you a list of bridal makeup myths. Have a look so that you can go ahead with your wedding makeup with no qualms, whatsoever!

Myth #1: Heavier the makeup, better the photos

That’s not a given, ladies. While we understand that bridal makeup is heavier than the makeup you’d do for a party or a dinner outside, putting too much product on your face will not work to your advantage. It could also lead to you looking way too caked up in pictures.

Myth #2: Steer clear of shimmer products

2 makeup myths You should, in fact, add some shimmer to your face. Pick the right shade and it can work wonders to make your skin look all dewy and glowy. Opt for powders/ creams with fine shimmer particles to give you a natural and illuminated look. You might think shimmer is passé, but give it a shot for that bridal look!

Myth #3: Use a foundation that’s one shade lighter, so that you look great in pictures

This is never an option, ladies. You can apply foundation layer by layer, but it should match your skin tone. Applying a lighter shade will end up with you looking ashy-grey in the photographs. Pick the right shade by trying it on your hands, forehead or neck.

Myth #4: Don’t contour too much. It’ll make your features look too sharp

4 makeup myths You’ve probably mastered the art of basic contouring now and have a fair idea of how it looks on your facial structure. Go a step ahead and make sure that your wedding makeup is heavily contoured (especially if you’re looking to slim down a round face). Contouring creates shadows that look spectacular in photos. Which bride doesn’t want a perfectly chiselled look?!

Myth #5: Don’t go all out on skin illuminators

The fact is, ladies, that skin illuminators are very photo friendly. Load up on these, we say. Apply them generously onto the high points of your face. This gives the flash of the camera something to bounce off of, making you look spectacular in pictures and in real life! Heard of that bridal glow?

Myth #6: Glitter will make you look gaudy

6 makeup myths You are the bride! Lotions, creams and powders containing fine glitter powders are excellent if you want to look extra radiant and striking as a bride. Having said that, don’t be too generous with the glitter - you don’t want to end up looking too OTT. Use it on your body and watch the lights creates beautiful natural contours and shadows that accentuate your best features.

Myth #7: Using extremely bold colours will make you look odd

You may love the no makeup look for everyday wear but, for this special day, we advise you to opt for slightly bolder colours as they show really well on camera and take away from any dullness or tiredness of the face that appear after days of celebrating and partying. Coordinate your makeup with your outfit and go crazy with the colours. It is your big day and we want you to really stand out and look your best, so don’t shy away from the oranges, pinks, plums and reds!

Myth #8: Heavy outfit = light makeup

8 makeup myths This is one day you get to go all out with your outfit and makeup. Sure you should match the shades of your makeup products with your outfit, but go all the way with both, we say. Making it too light or subtle will only take away from your gorgeous bridal look.

Myth #9: Make sure you use trending makeup colours and textures

The matte makeup look is all the rage now, from nail paints to lip colours to base makeup. But, take a step back and evaluate if matte products or any other currently popular shades and textures really look good on you. We suggest that you use products that are tried and tested - ones that you know will look great on you, you stunning bride-to-be.

Myth #10: Overlining your lips is a big no!

10 makeup myths Brides, if you want your lips to look fuller and make your lipstick last longer, you must overline your lips with a lip pencil and then fill in some colour. You can fill them in with the same pencil first, and then apply a lipstick on top. Press a tissue on freshly applied lipstick and apply a second coat to seal the colour in. Your lipstick won’t budge for a while and you’ll have the perfect pout for your wedding day! Internal Images: Shutterstock