13 ‘Curly Hair Struggles’ Girls Face That Are Way TOO Real!!

13 ‘Curly Hair Struggles’ Girls Face That Are Way TOO Real!!
Girls with curly hair, you know what we mean when we say that as sexy and stylish as your natural curls make you look, that hair it so high maintenance. They require so much work and on top of that you’re almost accustomed to hearing things like, ‘your hair looks like Maggi noodles’, or ‘OMG, did you get your hair permed’. Read on to know about some of the all-too-real curly hair problems.

1. The weather forecast is more like a hair forecast.

The humidity makes the curly hair expand up to double its size (say hello to frizz), whereas a dry day can make it look like straw! 1 curly hair problems

2. You style your hair and hope for the best.

Well, your curly hair does get a bit moody sometimes and defies all the power a hairspray and a straightening iron can have over it. *Fingers crossed* 

3. People fiddle with your hair way too often.

Wrapping those ringlets around their fingers, we mean is the most annoying curly hair problem. Hands off please!  3 curly hair problems

4. The Maggi noodles comment is old now.

You’re sick and tired of hearing that it looks like noodles. Guys, be creative and come up with something new please? 

5. A change of hairstyle? Is that even possible?!

There are literally no hairstyles for curly hair. After all, curls have a mind of their own. 5 curly hair problems

6. An attempt to brush your hair is more like ‘mission impossible’.

Oh and how many of those brush handles have broken thanks to those tresses. These curly hair problems are just unbelievable.

7. Growing your hair long takes a gazillion years!

All of it just gets curled up!
7 curly hair problems

8. Your life’s mission is to find the perfect conditioner for your hair.

And the number of conditioners that you’ve tried and tested actually makes your bathroom look like a conditioner shop.

9. Sometimes, you even find lost things like bobby pins or rubber bands stuck in your curly mane.

Not kidding! 9 curly hair problems

10. Running out of conditioner is no less than a catastrophe.

Somebody call 911 please!

11. The wrong haircut can literally make you look like a poodle.

Oh you little pooch! 11 curly hair problems

12. Washing your hair is a full-fledged process - curl enhancing shampoo, deep conditioning, and then soft cotton drying.

You should get paid for such hard work and planning.

13. Last but not the least - hair knots!

Detangling those is a real life challenge! 13 curly hair problems GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr