10 Best Beauty Treatments To Be The Most Beautiful Bride EVER!

10 Best Beauty Treatments To Be The Most Beautiful Bride EVER!
You’re set to go all the way in your efforts to look your best for the big day, aren’t you? While doing the regular manicure, pedicure, facial, and waxing is a given, we have a few other bridal beauty treatments for you that will make you look and feel beautiful all through the shaadi celebrations. Go ahead and give these pre-wedding beauty treatments a try and we promise you’ll look like a million bucks!

1. Lash extensions

Get them a week or two before your wedding and go for a touch-up a few days before the main event. It will save you the trouble of applying too much mascara. The best part is that, since you won’t need to wear mascara, there will be no more raccoon eyes if you were to get a tad too emotional during the functions.

2. Gel nail extensions

2 pre wedding beauty treatments Now is the perfect time to get gel nail extensions. You needn’t worry about your nail’s chipping or your nail polish fading away too soon. Gel extensions give your nails an elongated and a well-maintained look which is perfect for your bridal look.

3. Teeth whitening

A few weeks before the wedding is a good time to get your teeth whitened professionally. We suggest you don’t attempt this with at-home kits, and leave it to the experts. It will help remove any stains from your teeth to give you that million dollar smile for your big day. Be careful not to do it too close to the wedding as there may be some sensitivity post the treatment.

4. Keratin hair treatment

4 pre wedding beauty treatments If you have frizzy, unruly and untameable hair, this is your best option. It reseals the hair cuticles and gives them a shiny and smooth appearance. It will save you a lot of time (and heat) while styling your hair. It is a low maintenance look that stays for a couple of months and is a hassle-free look even for your honeymoon. Salons offer variants of this treatment for different types of hair, so be sure to talk to your stylist about the best fit for your hair.

5. Olaplex hair treatment

This has been a phenomenal entrant into the hair care market. It is believed to undo damage to the cuticles and restore the hair’s elasticity which may have be been tampered with due to hair treatments and colouring. It strengthens the bonds in your hair to make it stronger and more resistant to damage. This could work well for soon-to-be brides who have gone in for various chemical treatments like hair straightening, colouring and/ or perming.

6. New-age exfoliation

6 pre wedding beauty treatments Forget age old scrubs and face cloths for exfoliation. Professional exfoliation is done under the guidance of a dermatologist and it truly works wonders. Microdermabrasion and various kinds  of chemical peels are available in the market today which are excellent in resurfacing the skin without the harsh scrubbing and buffing. Your skin will start to feel baby smooth right after the first session, but lasting and visible results require at least 4-6 sessions, spread at least 2-3 weeks apart. The dermatologist will recommend a type of exfoliation which is suited to your skin type and condition and will determine how often it needs to be repeated for the best results. Start a few months early and the quality of your skin will improve in time for your big day!

7. Body wraps

They are as relaxing as they are effective. A massage followed by a wrap (you can choose from a myriad of ingredients from seaweed to coffee) tightens and plumps up your skin and helps in tackling those love handles or jiggly arms. It is, of course, no substitute for a good workout but it does help quite a bit in firming up your skin.  If you don’t have the time for a massage, a wrap is quicker and less messy, and therefore, it is the perfect beauty treatment to fit into your busy pre-wedding schedule.

8. Full body massages

8 pre wedding beauty treatments This weekly tradition followed by our grandmothers are not to be missed out. Body massages improve blood flow, help in detoxification, firm up the skin and restore moisture levels. If you aren’t already a fan, hop onto the bandwagon and you’ll never look back, we promise!

9. Laser hair removal

Give this a shot a few months before your wedding and you won’t need to bother about waxing and shaving for a very long time. If you don’t have the time for a full body laser hair removal, try it out on a smaller body part such as your face, underarms or bikini area to see if you’re comfortable with the results. If you are, you can always do the rest of your body later. But this one is worth a try because it not only handles your hair removal issues, but it also works wonders in reducing in-growth. We suggest you consult a dermatologist before going in for any laser treatment and check if your skin will take this well.

10. LED facials for your skin woes

10 pre wedding beauty treatments Medical facials are all the rage now, so why not reap their benefits as part of your pre-bridal beauty treatments? LED facials are said to reduce acne and scars, build collagen, reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin. Consulting a dermatologist beforehand is advised in this case as well. While they may be quite expensive, perhaps, now is the time to splurge - it is your special day after all! Do it a 2-3 weeks in advance so that the results are visible and there is enough time to tackle any untoward reactions.
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