Wedding makeup tips to channel your inner style diva!

Wedding makeup tips to channel your inner style diva!

10 Makeup Tips To Make Heads Turn At The Next Shaadi (Not OTT!)

You don’t want to be THAT girl at a shaadi - the one with so much makeup that she almost overshadows the bride! While we understand that your look for a wedding will end up being heavier and more formal than how it would be at a simple dinner party, you’ve got to draw a line somewhere, ladies. In this article, we give you wedding makeup tips for a stunning look for when you have to attend a wedding. With these 10 fabulous makeup tips for the wedding guest, you’ll look absolutely stunning...AND appropriate for the occasion. Here goes!

1. Don’t go overboard with the foundation

The latest makeup look is to apply your base makeup properly in order to look flawless. Putting layer after layer of foundation is definitely not the way to go. Use a pea-sized drop of your liquid foundation and blend it well over your face and neck area. Pack that in with a sheer powder and do no more than that or else your makeup will end up looking heavier than it should be. Blending is key, ladies.

2. Dramatic eyes or bold lips?

2 makeup tips for the wedding guest Going for both - that glam smokey eye look and striking lips - is a big no! If you must, choose one area to do up heavily. Better still, we suggest you go for nude shades on the eyelids and pink or peach lips - an excellent wedding makeup tip. This way, you’ll look gorgeous and appropriate for the occasion too.

3. Keep your outfit in mind

If you’ve chosen a heavy, blingy outfit for the function, we suggest you go easy on your wedding guest makeup. Opt for neutral colours and a soft look on the face. On the other hand, if your outfit is a tad simple, you can do the smokey eye look and nude lips, or you can go with red/ orange lips (depending on the colour of your outfit) and a neutral eye shade. A heavy outfit and bold makeup will make your look OTT, and that isn’t something you want, right? 

4. BB creams are the winners

4 makeup tips for the wedding guest Here’s a trick to know: to ensure that you get it right with your base, you could opt for a BB cream instead of a foundation. That will not only cover blemishes and uneven skin tone, but will also give a welcome glow to the face. Use a concealer to cover any acne marks, etc., and finish up with a sheer powder to make sure that the products stay put all through the function. You can’t go wrong with a BB cream, ladies. This wedding guest makeup will also give your skin a dewy look.

5. Give false eyelashes a miss

PRO wedding makeup tip - We know that once you use them, you want to flaunt those thick, curled lashes each time you head out for a formal occasion. But, ladies, you should totally give the falsies a miss if you’re opting to go dramatic with the lips or eyes. They will only make your makeup look significantly heavier. Instead, apply a generous coat of mascara or maybe even 2 coats of it. But skip the falsies, please? 

6. Say no to too much shimmer

6 makeup tips for the wedding guest If you aren’t the bride or the bride’s immediate family, we suggest you stay away from shimmery products. A shiny, bold eyeshadow, a shimmery lipstick plus that uber glam highlighter that adds an extra sheen on your face - these are the makeup goodies you have to stay away from in combination! You surely don’t want to “outshine” the to-be-wed couple’s families, right? 

7. Stuff to carry along

Ladies, the latest makeup look just calls for three makeup items that you need to keep handy when you’re attending a shaadi. Blotting paper is one, your lipstick for touch-ups, and a loose sheer powder. If your face becomes oily mid-function, use blotting paper to remove any excess sheen on the face. And the powder is to use when you want to pack your makeup back in and make it look flawless throughout the wedding function. And, well, we won’t judge you if you touch your lipstick up a bit after all that khaana daana!

8. Waterline works

8 makeup tips for the wedding guest Black kajal generously applied on the waterline makes for a striking look at a wedding function. If you’d like to add to this, you can apply brown or black eyeshadow under the waterline to complete this makeup look. The outlining with eyeshadow makes this one just the right look for a shaadi function, we say. 

9. Subtle colour on those cheeks

Not using too much colour on your face is another thing you need to keep in mind when dressing up for a wedding. Getting it right with your blush, in particular, is extremely important. It could be a subtle pink or a soft peach - use a sober, non-shimmery blush. Lightly stroke the brush from the area by the middle of your ear till two fingers away from the ends of your lips for perfect application of the blush. 

10. Smile away

10 makeup tips for the wedding guest Nothing compensates for that gorgeous smile at a wedding function. Subtle makeup, a fab outfit and a wide smile is all you need to look superb at the next shaadi function you attend. Time to flash them pearlies, we say! Internal Images: Shutterstock