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How To Look Super *Sexy* On Your Wedding Night - 10 Simple Tips!

How To Look Super *Sexy* On Your Wedding Night - 10 Simple Tips!
There is just so much talk around the wedding night. And you sure as hell want to look your sexiest best in bed. While he’s going to find it hard to resist you decked up as his bride… here are a few tips to titillate him just a little more. These 10 beauty tips will ensure that you look super sexy and totally irresistible as you get set for the wild, wild night ahead.  

1. Exfoliate for smooth skin

1 beauty tips You know he won’t be able to resist your soft skin. So don’t ever forget those weekly body scrubs. On the day of your wedding especially, make sure to have a long lazy bath and exfoliate your skin. A good body scrub is sure to leave your skin feeling smooth and dewy. POPxo Recommends: The Body Shop British Rose Body Scrub (Rs 1,101)

2. Load up on that moisturizer

2 beauty tips It’s so necessary to use generous amounts of moisturizer on your body so that the skin feels smooth. Especially after you’ve used a scrub. Use a fragrant body lotion or you can even opt for olive oil to moisturize your skin. Dust on some body shimmer to add a hint of glow! POPxo Recommends: The Forest Essentials Madurai Jasmine & Mogra (Rs 1,175)

3. Red lips don’t lie

3 beauty tips Red lips look oh-so-seductive. And ladies, we swear, this is one thing your darling hubby just won’t be able to resist. If you’re already wearing a red lippie, leave it on. If not, do carry it in your overnight bag. That coupled with your sexy wedding night lingerie is going to blow his mind. Check out the best red lipsticks for a bride, here. POPxo Recommends: L'Oreal Paris Pure Reds Color Riche Collection - Pure Fire (Rs 995)

4. Hair down there

4 beauty tips A well groomed bikini area is just so essential. Whether it’s trimming the hair, shaving down there or getting a bikini wax, make sure you keep your biking area clean and groomed for this special night. Check out this guide on how to prep your bikini for D-day.
POPxo Recommends: Braun Bikini Trimmer (Rs 1,671)

5. Makeup & hair matter

5 beauty tips Good for you that you’ll already be looking your beautiful best, thanks to your fab bridal makeup. Do carry a little touch-up kit to make sure you don’t have any sweat patches or runny mascara. A loose powder, some face tissues and a kohl pencil should be good. And do not forget that dry shampoo. Your hair is sure to be a mess once you take off the pins! POPxo Recommends: Batiste Dry Shampoo (Rs 299)

6. Enhance that cleavage

6 beauty tips The sexy push-up bra is sure to work it’s wonders, but a few quick beauty tricks will only make it better. Enhance the curves of your cleavage by dusting a little bronzer on the insides. Couple that with a little shimmer and you’re done! Best would be to ask your makeup artist to this for you at the time of getting ready. Just carry a bronzer for a quick touch-up before you get all hot and naughty under the sheets. POPxo Recommends: NYX Matte Body Bronzer (Rs 850)

7. Be kiss ready!

7 beauty tips Yes, you have that red lipstick on but do make sure that it doesn’t dry out your lips. Make sure you prep your lips by using a lip balm or a lip scrub. Just mix honey and sugar and scrub it on your lips using a brush before you start getting ready. Also, don’t forget to carry a mint or a mint spray for a quick burst of freshness.
POPxo Recommends: The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care (Rs 298)  

8. A beautiful bum

8 beauty tips You know how men are obsessed with the derriere. And you’ve got to ensure that you have a soft and smooth backside that is free of acne or bumps. While exfoliating is important, make sure to pick a scrub with salicylic acid for a super smooth effect. POPxo Recommends:  L’Oreal Paris Go 360 Degree Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Scrub (Rs 418)

9. Watch what you eat

9 beauty tips If you don’t want your tummy to look bloated on the wedding night. Avoid high levels of salt since it retains water and caffeine because it dehydrates you making you consume more water. Also, try finishing off your meal well in advance, at least 2 -3 hours prior, so your stomach does not feel heavy.  

10. Smell fabulous!

10 beauty tips Your fragrance itself is such a huge turn on. So, after you’ve slipped into your wedding night lingerie, make sure to apply a fab scent on all your pulse points. Spray some on your wrists, behind the ears, the bottom of your throat and inside the elbows. Trust us, he’ll want to take you in his arms without wasting any time! POPxo Recommends: Ralph Lauren Romance (Rs 4,900) Images: Shutterstock