10 Beauty Terms EVERY Girl Needs To Know In 2017!

10 Beauty Terms EVERY Girl Needs To Know In 2017!
Sure, you’re familiar with baking and contouring, but ladies, how up-to-date really is your beauty glossary? After all, with a new year come plenty of new trends and buzzwords to look forward to. So, for all you beauty junkies, we decode some beauty buzzwords or terms that are going to be big in 2017. Go on and flaunt your beauty prowess like a total ‘it girl’!

1. Buffing

1 beauty terms Image: Shutterstock Buffing has been a technique makeup artists have been favouring off late and it’s set to become even bigger this year. It’s basically achieving that airbrushed effect in real life. Just take a damp foundation sponge and keep swirling the foundation on your face and buffing it into your skin using circular motions. Spend a few minutes doing this for a soft focus finish. Say goodbye to brush strokes and streaky foundation, ladies!

2. Colour Correcting/ Camouflaging

2 beauty terms Image: Shutterstock This is a makeup concealing technique that uses different colours to camouflage discolouration on the skin. It’s based on the principles of the colour wheel, for example a green colour corrector helps cover up redness - may it be red acne or irritation, or orange/ yellow can be used to cancel out blue tones, say for dark circles and scars. By using colours to do the work, you actually need to use less makeup, helping you get closer to acing the no-makeup look!

3. Cut Crease

3. beauty terms Image: Brown Barbie on Instagram This Kardashian-approved makeup technique involves placing dark eyeshadow directly along the crease of your eye to define it, while the rest of your lid is a lighter colour. It creates a super sharp contrast that helps add drama and dimension to your peepers. Give smokey eyes a rest this year, and try this non-blending trend instead, beauties.

4. Draping

4 beauty terms Image: Shutterstock Blush is making a major comeback this year and this trend just validates that. Draping is basically contouring, but with blush! Different shades are used to bring shape and definition to the face as well as to subtly sculpt the cheekbones. It has a softer and fresher effect, compared to regular contouring. It’s a great idea to invest in a blush palette to have different shades in one place to try what seems to be contouring’s cooler sister.

5. Double Cleansing

5. beauty terms Image: Bobbi Brown Pro Artist Amy Conway Just like so many huge beauty trends in recent years, this method of cleansing is super popular in Korea. It involves using an oil-based cleanser first to dissolve any makeup, including the stubborn kind like mascara, and then following that up with a foaming cleanser for a thorough cleanse. It really is an effective skincare method and is totally worth the effort!

6. Garage Doors

6. beauty terms Image: Kylie Jenner On Instagram Wearing one shade of eyeshadow from your lids all the way up to your brows. This was big in the 80s and we’re not surprised if it gains popularity again, since so many trends from that era are making major comebacks!

7. Multi-Masking

7 beauty terms Image: Shutterstock If most of your beauty woes are skin-related then it’s time to give multi-masking a try - using different masks on different parts of your face - but at the same time! If you have multiple skincare concerns, say an oily T-zone and dry cheeks, you can try a clay mask on the oily areas and a hydrating one on the other parts of your face. Now that sheet masks are so popular, you can use different ones to aim at all your specific concerns at one time.

8. Pineappling

8. beauty terms Image: Rihanna On Instagram This hairstyle for curly hair is basically tying your hair up in a way that your ringlets sit as close to your hairline as possible. It looks great for the day but it’s also a very effective way of tying your wet strands at night to avoid frizz and help you wake up to more defined curls.

9. Spotlighting

9 beauty terms Image: Shutterstock Don’t you just love highlighting for that dewy glow? Well, give it a 2017 update with spotlighting, which means using balms and glosses that reflect light off the skin. Switch your shimmers and powders for a highlighting balm for a fresher, more-natural take on lighting up your skin with a gorgeous glow.

10. Squareletto

10. beauty terms Image: Kylie Jenner On Instagram If you’re big on nail trends, then you’ve just found your new favourite nail shape. Squareletto nails are super long like stiletto nails but are less sharp since they’re squared off at the top. Super long nails have certainly made a comeback, it’s a trend all of you should try in 2017!