10 Reasons Wedding Night Sex May Be Good… But Not The *Best*!

10 Reasons Wedding Night Sex May Be Good… But Not The *Best*!
The wedding night, the suhagraat, the first night… So many names have been given to this one night that lasts not more than a couple of hours. After all, it’s not until really late in the night that the dulha and dulhan finally get to go to their rooms! And then there is this big deal made about first night sex. Well, here's a little fact - wedding night sex may be great but it may not be the best sex ever. And that’s okay! Here’s why it’s better you keep your expectations low.

1. There’s just too much hype around it

And that just kills the charm of the whole thing. From the time you get engaged, people start talking, advising and preparing you for this big night and by the time it actually arrives, you just want to just get it over with and SLEEP! 1 wedding night sex (1)

2. And the pressure builds up

The hype usually puts a person under a lot of pressure to, uh, perform, and well, that is not the best mindset to have when you’re indulging in the act. Trust us, it can really mess with your mind and you may find yourself concentrating so much on doing it ‘right’ that you actually forget to enjoy it.  

3. It’s also slightly awkward

Because if you’ve had an arranged marriage, it’s just not easy to go ahead and have sex! And that too just because ‘wedding night sex’ is a thing! So yeah, awkward sex can be a bit blah. 3 wedding night sex

4. Love marriage? No big deal then!

Well, if you two have rolled in the hay before, in all possibility you’ve already had much better experiences earlier and this might just be yet another night. But be assured that the best is yet to come!

5. BTW, you’ll be super tired

What do you even expect after those long ceremonies and meeting a hundred guests? You’ll be exhausted! And while sex would be great even post all that tiredness, it may not be the best!
5 wedding night sex

6. You may forget a thing or two

Like keeping your sexy new babydoll in your overnight bag or forgetting to carry that pack of condoms. Well, with all the wedding madness surrounding you both, forgetting stuff like this is not uncommon.

7. No time to set the mood

If you have early pheras then bingo. If not, you just won’t have the time to set the mood right. To take a hot shower or light some candles, to play your favourite music or pop some bubbly. There probably won't be any time to prepare a romantic ambience! 7 wedding night sex

8. There is a lot of emotional stress

The vidaai is a tearful ceremony and as a bride, you would have just so many emotions running through your mind. And with all that emotional stress, sex takes a backseat.  

9. You’re expecting too much

Are you? Higher the expectations, greater the let-down. Sometimes even though the sex might be great, it’s your sky high expectations from ‘wedding night sex’ that kills the pleasure. So girl, keep it a little low maybe? 9 wedding night sex

10. You don’t have to have sex!

Guess what?! It’s not compulsory! Sex on your wedding night may be great but go ahead with it only if you’re both comfortable to do it or genuinely do want to make love. Don’t make it like yet another part of your marriage ceremonies.
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