11 Reasons Your Boyfriend *Loves* Making Out With You!

11 Reasons Your Boyfriend *Loves* Making Out With You!
Contrary to popular belief - not all guys care just about sex. No, they tend to appreciate the other little things too, like making out with their girlfriends! So here's why guys love kissing girls - go on, you really need to know this!

1. He really, really likes you.

You're his girlfriend for a reason and he likes being close to you!

2. He also really, really likes making out.

He's a guy with physical needs after all - so of course, the combination of you and kissing is the best!

3. It can make the worst day so much better for him.

From misplacing money to aliens invading Earth, making out with you can make any day better. 3 why guys love kissing

4. He loves that it makes you more horny.

And so much more expressive about your horny-ness… Don't deny it, girls! He loves seeing you like that.

5. It makes driving through insane hours of traffic totally worth it.

Because at the end of those drives, he gets to kiss you!

6. It leads to other fun things sometimes.

Hey, kissing is always a part of foreplay. There's no two ways about it! 6 why guys love kissing

7. He feels better about the world when he's making out with you.

Sad, angry, gloomy… Every negative emotion slowly goes out of the window when he's making out with you. It's good for his soul!

8. It makes him forget that his favourite team lost a match.

He's very serious about football, but even then it can't ruin a makeout session with you! It's like you have magical powers.

9. It's practice - and practice makes him perfect.

He's getting better at making out with every kiss - so he's always up for kissing some more, and more, and more!
9 why guys love kissing

10. He secretly loves your cherry chapstick!

Let's face it, you always taste super yummy. He can't tell you this but he loves that sweet taste of cherries on you!

11. It brings you closer to him - and he loves that!

It's the first big step towards intimacy. Holding you in his arms while making out with you makes him feel close to you - on an emotional level! GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy