#HeSays: 10 Surprising Reasons Guys Love The *69* Position!

#HeSays: 10 Surprising Reasons Guys Love The *69* Position!
We'll be the first ones to admit that, yes, some sex positions that seem sexy in theory...actually turn out to be not-so-sexy. But the 69 position, when done right, can be surprisingly amazing. So here's why guys love 69 with their girlfriends!  

1. Because we can give and get at the same time!

Win-win-WIN! We're really not all that selfish in bed, you know?

2. Because it's something different...

It mixes things up, we get into a more experimental mood, and it's a fun break from the usual routine!

3. Because it's hot to hear you moan when you're going down on us!

And no, not just hear, but actually feel you moan. WHOA. 3 why guys love 69

4. Because there's less pressure...

When we're just going down on you, we do feel like we need to on the top of our game. But with 69, it's just so much more natural!

5. Because it's so much easier to suggest this!

Guilty! Asking for a blow job isn't an easy task, you know. This way, we both get something we want, without anyone feeling left out.

6. Because this is as close as it gets really...

We're both up in each other's intimate areas - more than in any position ever. This is next level intimacy. 6 why guys love 69

7. Because it's so much sensation all at once!

While we're doing things to you, we're also feeling you do things to us, which in turn, pushes us to do more things to you… It's a beautiful cycle with so, SO many feelings.

8. Because it's time-efficient foreplay...

Sixty-nine can be flexible. It can be the main act, but it can also be foreplay! And when it's foreplay, it's just the best use of time.

9. Because we feel like a pro!

Well, yeah, we do! Managing to pull this position off without too many bloopers makes us feel kinda like a king. #JustSaying 9 why guys love 69

10. Because we can finish together...

While it can a bit difficult to manage during sex, the 69 position can actually make it quite easy for us to finish at the same time as you! And that is pretty damn awesome. Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr