How To Deal With Another Girl Flirting With Your Boyfriend

How To Deal With Another Girl Flirting With Your Boyfriend
Everyone is possessive about their partner, to some extent. While it is not a good idea to make the relationship all about being dependent on each other and constantly having to explain yourself to your partner, in some situations the possessiveness is justified. Especially when someone is flirting with your man! But girls, even then, you do not have to go all ninja on whoever is trying to flirt with him. Here are 10 things to do when someone flirts with your boyfriend.

1. Ignoring is bliss

It's normal to be possessive about your guy, but don’t let the possessiveness blow out of proportion. If you feel someone is flirting with him, don’t assume the worst. It may just be a stray flirtatious compliment or a little bit of healthy flirting. Ignore it and move on! 1 someone flirts with your boyfriend1

2. Check for any green signals from his side.

Your boyfriend may/ may not realize that he is actually giving her the ‘go’ signal. Observe his behaviour and how he responds to her flirting. Make sure he is not the one encouraging the flirting, before you think about confronting (or tackling) the girl.

3. Let him know

If you are feeling threatened or insecure about the situation or if you feel that he may unknowingly be giving her the green signal, talk to him about it. Let him know that you are not comfortable with how things are going and that his reactions may be the reason she is making advances towards him. If he is serious about you and really loves you, he will make a conscious effort to avoid giving her any further encouraging signals. 3 someone flirts with your boyfriend

4. Try to befriend her… It will make the flirting harder!

It is easier to flirt with a random guy than to flirt with someone whose girlfriend you know. You do not have to be PJ pals, just strike a regular conversation with her. Try and get to know her a little. This will make it awkward for her to flirt with your boyfriend (now that you guys are kinda, sorta friends… Or at least little more than acquaintances). Also, it indicates that you are confident and not insecure about the whole situation.

5. Keep calm and be assertive

Lashing out at her or having an argument about it is not going to help your case. So, take a deep breath and calm yourself. Your calm demeanor can be the most the assertive argument in this case. Little actions like holding his hand or standing close to him can assert the fact that he is your man and you do not appreciate her persistent flirting. 5 someone flirts with your boyfriend

6. Wait and watch

Before you go into the panic mode, wait and watch. See if everything you have tried so far is working or if she backs off on her own. Take further steps only when you feel that she isn’t picking up on your hints.

7. Get a little flirty yourself

If she doesn’t back off and you feel you need to get into the field then try a little flirting yourself. Compliment your boyfriend in front of her and use your knowledge about his likes or dislikes to your advantage. You know him so much better than she does, she cannot possibly beat you at the flirting game! 7 someone flirts with your boyfriend

8. Use humour to make your point

Use subtle humour to convey that she may be crossing the line. Try not to be offensive or have your angry face on though. In a light hearted manner say something like ‘Wow, I think I should probably take some flirting lessons from you’ and laugh it off.

9. Interrupt the flirting

If she is the stubborn kind and just won’t back down, then try this. Whenever you see her flirting with him, interrupt the conversation on the pretext of talking to him in private or having something really important to tell him. Make up some excuse to pull him away from the conversation. She will ultimately be forced to back off. 9 someone flirts with your boyfriend

10. Be confident. Be badass. Be you.

You don’t have to be apologetic about who you are or the fact that you are trying to distance your guy from someone who won’t stop flirting with him. Remember that you are beautiful and if he really loves you, there is no way some other girl can break the two of you up. GIFs: Tumblr