11 Ways To Deal With The ‘Period Blues’ On Your Wedding Day!

11 Ways To Deal With The ‘Period Blues’ On Your Wedding Day!
Did you just realize that your period is due on your wedding day and it’s too late to prepone or postpone it? Don’t worry ladies, it’s normal to forget such things amidst the wedding prep madness. Not every girl visits a gynecologist before the wedding day and takes necessary steps to manage period dates. Take it easy, as here are some things you can do if you get your period on the wedding day. We promise, you will feel relaxed and comfortable during the entire ceremony.

1. Deal with bloating

1 period on the wedding day Many of us tend to get a tummy bloat during our period. The best way to deal with this is to have the kind of food that doesn’t puff you up even further. On the morning of your wedding day, have foods high in potassium and protein, for instance, bananas, fish and papaya.

2. Painkillers/ muscle relaxants are your friends

If you know that you’re most likely to suffer from severe abdominal cramps, make sure you have a muscle relaxant or a painkiller, whatever suits you the most. It’s completely okay to pop a painkiller because you wouldn’t want to spend such an important day of your life in pain and discomfort.

3. Menstrual cups over pads

3 period on the wedding day If possible, opt for menstrual cups or even tampons as they are comfortable and fuss-free. Wearing pads might make you feel uncomfortable as you will have to sit for the ceremony for hours and pads tend to get moist easily.

4. Try double padding!

If you are not used to tampons and menstrual cups, wear heavy duty pads as they will last you a long time. If for some reason you can’t get your hands on them, you can always try double padding. Just wear two pads instead of one. It’s a safe option and you won’t have to worry about staining your lehenga.

5. Have your sister or bestie carry extra pills and pads for you

5 period on the wedding day Your sister or your bestie will be by your side all through the ceremonies. Ask her to carry extra sanitary napkins and medicines for you. Even during the ceremony, ask her to check on you every hour, in case you need something.

6. Take washroom breaks

We know that it’s a bit difficult for you to get up and leave the venue every now and then as you’re the centre of attention. To make it a bit easier for you, ask your bestie to come up with something or the other so that you can take a small break and get changed!

7. Ditch the heels

7 period on the wedding day For emergency situations like these, always keep a backup pair of footwear that’s without any heel. As most of us get cramps during period days, it’s better for you to wear pretty flats because they’ll put less pressure on your hips and legs. Hence, making you feel comfortable all day long.

8. Waterproof makeup

There are chances that you might be extra cranky because duh, period = emotions galore. Ask your makeup artist in advance to go for waterproof makeup so that it doesn’t create ugly tear streaks. Also, carry a compact with you so that you can fix any last-minute makeup problems.

9. Pimple woes

9 period on the wedding day It’s normal for most of us to have pimples during our period. There are many ways to deal this, brides-to-be. You can apply toothpaste on the area to reduce the swelling or dabbing some ice does wonders too! Also, ask your makeup artist to hide the pimple(s) by using a foundation that spreads evenly.

10. Comfortable seating

If you know that you’re likely to get your period on the day of your wedding, ask your wedding planner to use a chowki seating instead of the usual gaddi seating arrangement in the mandap. That way you’ll be comfortable during the rituals and won’t stress about staining or leg cramps.

11. Take a breather!

11 period on the wedding day Girls, lastly, relax! It’s just your period, not the end of the world. It’s your big day, and NOTHING can take away from that. Make sure to stay hydrated the entire day and just relax. Internal Images: Shutterstock