#HeSays: 13 Thoughts A Guy Has... About Spanking His Girlfriend!

#HeSays: 13 Thoughts A Guy Has... About Spanking His Girlfriend!
Ladies… Spanking is an art. And since no one really taught this art to us - we pretty much just wing it when presented with the opportunity! Here's what guys think about spanking - the before, the during and the after!

1. Should I even ask her if I can spank her?

Every guy is a bit cautious about approaching the subject - it's a little bit out of the norm and we just don't want to freak you girls out with a request like this.

2. She actually agreed to let me spank her... Did I hear her right?

Of course there is disbelief when you actually say yes! Sure, we did ask, but not even in our dreams did we think about what happens if you actually agree to the idea!

3. Whoa, okay, so this is happening. I'm actually about to spank her butt!

Spanking is a big fantasy for us - and it's quite big with everyone these days. You read about it, you watch it...but when we're actually presented with the opportunity to participate in it? Well, let's just say it takes a while to sink in. 3 what guys think about spanking

4. Wow, her butt looks so f*cking gorgeous when she's bent over.

We might have seen you in this same position many times before (and probably thought the same thing!), but there is something so different about seeing you raise your butt, waiting to be spanked…

5. How hard is too hard, though?

Then there are the doubts. Are we going too hard, too soft…? We don't want to end up hurting you, but we also want you to really feel it, you know?

6. That's my f*cking handprint on her ass. I'm the KING today.

This is a winner moment, ladies. To see to your skin turn a bit red under our hands, but not because you're blushing… Well, it kinda makes us blush! 6 what guys think about spanking

7. Is she making that sound because she likes this?

Trying to decipher what your moans actually mean is a tough task. But when you start moaning every time there is a smack, we've got to think we're doing something right. Veryyy right.

8. Am I even doing it right? What angle is my wrist supposed to be at?

If spanking is a science, we clearly missed the class when they were explaining this. Is there really a right way? What if there is and we just don't know?!

9. This is so much hotter in real life than it looks like in porn.

Well, YEAH! That was on the computer screen and this is in real life - of course we're blown by how much more amazing it is outside of our imaginations! 9 what guys think about spanking

10. Wow, okay, she is SO turned on, how did I not try this before?

Um, yeah, we notice this too. Obviously! And this is really the best realization of all. The moaning is a clue, of course, but the, um, other signs are a clap on the back.

11. Oh, she wants it harder? I'll give it harder… Damn it, but what if I break her? Or my hand?

So, we do get a bit carried away with our naughty thoughts (and maybe even dirty talk) when we're spanking you, but what we definitely don't mention is the pain we feel in our hands when you ask us to hit you harder. Yup, we'll bear that pain happily!

12. I think I like spanking now because she actually enjoys it so much!

Well, we DO think this - even if it may not be entirely true. We LOVE that you love spanking - but it's just another reason that we love it too.
12 what guys think about spanking

13. So when do we try belts and paddles and stuff? I hope soon!  

Well, there's is always room for more experimenting, isn't there?! Images: Giphy, Tumblr, Shutterstock