#HeSays: What Guys *Really* Think About Shower Sex!

#HeSays: What Guys *Really* Think About Shower Sex!
We watch these movies in which the girl walks into the shower all seductively and the guy follows in and then there is...STEAM. Yes, we've always wanted to try that too. But the reality of it turns out to be a bit different. So here's what guys think about shower sex!

1. It is really, really WET.

We know this should have been obvious, but we can't help but think of this as a real struggle when we're in the shower with you - we do, after all, end up ingesting water while trying to make out.

2. And so...SLIPPERY.

The floor, the walls, your skin, our bodies. Everything! If we even *try* to lift your leg up, or support you in any way, we both might end up in the hospital.

3. And water keeps getting into our eyes.

Especially when you push us directly under the water so that your hair doesn't get too wet. You think we didn't notice that? 3 shower sex

4. But you look AWESOME.

With water droplets hugging each and every inch of your skin… WOW.

5. We don't get why this isn't as sexy as it is in movies, though.

What happened to foggy mirrors and steamy kisses? This is just plain awkward at times.

6. We're SO worried we'll break something

Seeking support from the the shower cabinet door was the wrong move, clearly. 6 shower sex

7. We’ve never before realized how tiny the shower stall really is.

A bumped toe, hurt elbow and bruised butt later...we finally understand this.

8. It's SO COLD.

The hot water does run out after a point and then it just gets COLD. Why aren't we taking this to the bedroom again?

9. We're shocked every time you try to multitask.

Yes, we saw you trying to use to the conditioner during those 2 uncomfortable minutes of doggy-style. And, of course we noticed the loofah you sneaked in between us too. 9 shower sex

10. Water is the worst lubricant ever.

After a point, everything just stops working, and we know you're not enjoying it even the tiniest bit because of all the water on all of your parts. Just not the type of wet you would like to be during sex!
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