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17 Thoughts Every Bride Has The Morning After The Wedding!

17 Thoughts Every Bride Has The Morning After The Wedding!

As a bride-to-be, you have a lot going on in your mind. Yeah, we get it. And once most of the planning is done, you find yourself thinking only and only about the big shift from your house to his. From a single girl to a married woman, a wife and a bahu. But girl, it doesn’t end right after the wedding ceremony… You still have the first day to get through! Here are 17 thoughts brides have the morning after their wedding.
1. Omg, I am actually married! 2. Just look at this beautiful man lying next to me. He’s mine. 3. Wait. How do I get out of the room? Are my in-laws there? 4. Have I woken up too late? What will they think? 5. How am I supposed to greet them?! Good morning, namaste, suprabhat… Whattttt?! 5 morning after their wedding 6. Uh… BTW, will it be okay to walk out in my nightwear or do I need to dress up like a nayi naveli dulhan? *Life crisis* 7. OMG, I miss mom so much. It was just so much easier with her around. 8. Who can I ask for my coffee? And my breakfast… Does anyone even know what I eat every morning? 9. But the sex… I loved it last night! 10. Can’t imagine that I’ll be spending each minute of my life with him. Yay! 10 morning after their wedding 11. Damn… This chooda made noise all night. 12. Oh wait, I hope I don’t have to cook anything today. I mean, I don’t even know how to.
13. Mummaaaa, where are you??? 14. Please let’s just get going for the honeymoon already and skip this awkward phase. 15. Okay, I think I am kinda losing it. I really don’t know what to do, how to do. 15 morning after their wedding 16. And there are sooo many people outside. Kya hai, it’s so weird! 17. Okay. Take a deep breath, smile and get out of that door. NOW! GIFs: Tumblr
Published on Jan 3, 2017
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