What Does Your *Birth Month* Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your *Birth Month* Say About Your Personality?
Ever wondered what your birth month says about your personality? Like what really defines your existence and shapes your core?! Well, the month that you're born in can reveal that to you. It can tell you about your inner feelings and interests. Why not get to know yourself a little better by scrolling below? (We bet you’ll be surprised.)

January Hotties

You are a born leader and have fabulous communication skills. You are trustworthy, honest and sexy. A firm believer of working hard, and partying even harder. When it comes to falling in love, you’re an absolute romantic. You love showering your partner with gifts, attention and kisses.   1 birth month

February Divas

A free bird and someone who lives one day at a time. You are the party animal and have many friends who enjoy your company. When it comes to making quick decisions, you make smart choices and always settle for the best. Dreaming big and making those very dreams come true is your priority. Did anyone tell you that when you fall in love, you give your partner the best kind of love? You sure do!
2 birth month

March Stunners

In spite of looking all tough, you’re actually quite a softie inside. When you meet new people, old friends and family, you go out of your way to entertain and take care of them. You are a lively, colourful soul who speaks what she feels. Your kind attitude and affectionate nature is what makes you irresistible. 3 birth month

April Travel Junkies

Travelling means everything to you. Whether it’s travelling for work or simply for pleasure, you love doing it! Staying in one place can stagnate your soul. You need adventure, you need thrill and most importantly, you feel that adrenaline rush in your blood.  Every place you discover makes you get to know yourself better. After all, travel is fodder for your soul. 4 birth month

May Dreamers

As a person, you are very practical in life. Nothing extravagant fascinates you. In fact, you find beauty in the small things in life. Even if it means staring out of the window and watching the sunrise. It helps you calm down and gets you immersed in your thoughts. You also prefer having a small group of friends rather than a large one - because quality over quantity any day! 5 birth month

June Babies

One thing about you is that you’re insanely curious, attractive and intelligent. Most people think you’re like jack of all trades but master of none. You have a very friendly nature and you can practically gel up with any and everyone. You rarely take things to heart and forgiveness is your middle name.
6 birth month

July Charmers

Honesty is your best policy. You stand up for what is right and you’re extremely loyal towards the people you love. When you speak, people fall in love with your tone and voice. You’re also considered to be an inspiration to many because of your go-getter attitude. In spite of problems along the way, the future has always been bright for you. 7 birth month

August Lovers

You are always on the run. Very active and aware about situations. You don’t trust easily and even if you do, forgiving someone who broke your heart would be a bitter pill for you to swallow. You are more of a lover than a fighter, but, if someone does ruffle your feathers on purpose, you will drop them off from your life like a hot potato. 8 birth month

September Angels

From the very beginning, you’ve always been a sensitive child. You have zero tolerance for people who don’t respect you. When it comes to making new friends, you’re extremely selective. Not everyone can make you feel amazing, but the ones who can, you will give your life for them. 9 birth month

October Beauties

When you walk into a room, you instantly grab eyeballs. We don’t know what it is, but your energy feels different. It’s pure and powerful. The kind that not many people can come to terms with. You are a fabulous judge of character and people love working with you simply because you come up with the best ideas!
10 birth month

November Goddesses

We don’t know if you’ve been told this, but you are creative AF! Life has blessed you with looks, sass and talent. Reaching for the stars seems like an easy task for you. One thing we love about you is that despite being so talented, your heart is so humble. 11 birth month

December Cuties

No one can ever mess with you because you’re armed with confidence and independence. You say what you want, when you want. You are your own boss and probably one of those few people who really doesn’t give a hoot about what other people think or say about them. You go, girl! 12 birth month Images: Shutterstock, Giphy