10 Wedding Trends That Will Definitely Steal The Show In 2017!

10 Wedding Trends That Will Definitely Steal The Show In 2017!
The wedding industry is continuously buzzing with fab and amazing ideas. And every year as the shaadi season approaches, we come across a couple of new ‘winning elements’ that can be spotted at most weddings. Last year we saw kaleeras, umbrellas and birdcages take center stage, and this year it’s going to be something new. Here are 10 wedding trends that will definitely take 2017 by storm!

1. Ribbon canopies

1 wedding trends Image: Silhouette Events on Instagram Drapes take a back seat as colourful ribbon tents make a huge impact at mehendi ceremonies. Pretty pretty!

2. Gorgeous chandeliers

2 wedding trends Image: Abhinav Bhagat Events on Instagram Chandeliers became a major wedding trend towards the end of 2016 and they are here to stay! And we won’t be surprised to see newer versions of this trend.

3. Little birdie elements

3 wedding trends Image: WithLoveNilma on Instagram Yay! We are so excited to see more of birds in wedding decor. From bird printed drapes to decorative centerpieces or hanging from floral strings… These are so fun!

4. Cascading sequins

4 wedding trends Image: Rani Pink Love on Instagram Goodbye golds, because 2017 is going to see a lot of silver. Love the sequin strings that we bet you’ll see as stage backdrops or ceiling hangings all of this year.

5. Quirky floral installations

5 wedding trends Image: Abhinav Bhagat Events on Instagram Floral arrangements just got so much more interesting! Quirky installations at the entrance or around the photo booth will be all the rage in 2017.

6. Bars like these!

6 wedding decor Image: The Event Yarn on Instagram Innovative and offbeat designs will rule the wedding scene this season. And a books bar facade is just one of them.  

7. Minimalistic mandaps

7 wedding trends Image: Pretty Much Decor on Instagram We’ve usually seen mandaps with elaborate decor, but not anymore! Minimalistic and tastefully done mandaps will be extremely popular this year.

8. Personalization gets bigger and better

8 wedding trends Image: Atisuto Events on Instagram Personalisation is all set to become even more prominent. Statement installations that serve as decor props while personalising your venue will be hugely popular.

9. Exquisite candle stands

9 wedding trends Image: Devika Narain on Instagram Candles bring a subtle elegance to the table and that's exactly why this is one trend that we’ll be seeing almost everywhere in 2017.

10. The new pattern - honeycomb!

10 wedding trends Image: WithLoveNilma on Instagram Honeycomb seems to be the all-new pattern this year! From photo booth backdrops to candle stands and other decor elements… This pattern is about to become super popular! Featured Image: Rani Pink Love