11 Wedding Traditions From Around The World That Are SO Awesome!

11 Wedding Traditions From Around The World That Are SO Awesome!
Wedding celebrations are undoubtedly some of the happiest moments that occur worldwide! Families and friends come together to celebrate the union of two lovers as they start a new phase of their life, hand in hand! There are some beautiful wedding traditions and rituals (and some quirky ones) that are carried out in different parts of the world that would lend themselves beautifully to your big day... Check them out! You’ll want to incorporate them all into your wedding celebrations.

1. Releasing Doves - Philippines

The couple release two doves into the air as everyone watches them fly away. This signifies the start of the couples' happy and harmonious journey together. Simple and beautiful - now who wouldn’t want to perform this ritual at their wedding? 1 wedding traditions

2. Sake Sharing Ceremony - Japan

In Japan, the newlywed couple drinks three sips of sake from three different cups, after which their parents do the same! This signifies the union of the two families. Cheers to that!

3. Log Cutting - Germany

Just after the wedding ceremony in Germany, the couple is made to cut up a log of wood in half with a saw - this tests the couples' ability to work together and solve life's problems. Ready for a workout, brides-to-be? 3 wedding traditions

4. Unity Bowl - Australia

During the wedding ceremony in Aussie land, guests are given stones to hold. These stones are then placed in a decorated bowl and given to the couple as a reminder of the support and presence of their family and friends in their new life. Now wouldn’t you want to take that bowl back home?

5. Planting A Tree - The Czech Republic

A tree is traditionally planted in the bride's home, according to tradition in The Czech Republic. The tree is meant to symbolise a healthy and happy life for the bride; as long as the tree lives - so will she!
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6. Jumping The Broom - African American

This tradition involves the newlywed couple jumping over a broomstick. By doing this they symbolically start their new home and life together. Quirky, but fun, isn’t it?

7. Sock Dance - French Canada

The unmarried siblings of the bride and groom wear silly socks and do a dance. They are often showered with money. This money then goes to the bride and groom to help start their life together! How adorable will that sock dance look at your wedding? 7 wedding traditions

8. Tasting The Four Elements - Nigeria

The couple is made to taste four different flavours - sour, sweet, bitter and hot. These flavours are meant to represent the ups and downs of their marriage. By tasting these flavours together the couple symbolically learns to take the bad with the good!

9. Breaking Glass - Italy

Italians often break a glass at the end of the wedding. The number of shards that the glass falls into is meant to symbolise the number of happy, blissful wedded years that the couple will have in front of them. 9 wedding traditions

10. Breaking Plates - Greece

Plates are smashed on the dance floor to celebrate the newly wedded couple in Greece! Family members and friends gather around to participate in this tradition that is said to bring good luck! This should be fun to try, right?

11. Wedding Bells - Ireland

The couple is often gifted with at least one bell which is then hung in their new home. The bell is to be rung every time the couple argues, and the ringing of this bell symbolises peace. A bell for your new home, soon-to-be bride? 11 wedding traditions GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr