Sunday Shorts: 3 ‘Wedding Night’ Tales Of Virgin Couples!

Sunday Shorts: 3 ‘Wedding Night’ Tales Of Virgin Couples!

1. One sip of pleasure

It was like walking into the sea blindfolded - thrilling and scary at the same time. Disappointing my husband on our first night was the last thing I wanted to do, and yet there was no time to think about these details as I sat on 'our' bed, watching him come close to me, till he finally disappeared and I could feel him on me.
He slid the delicate lacy coverings off my skin while planting soft tender kisses on my neck. His lips quivered, out of excitement and a little bit out of nervousness. For a moment we locked our gaze and as a fragile smile crept on our lips, he entered me gently. And as the ecstasy took over, the adrenaline and emotions poured in, conjuring one intoxicating yet fine sip of pleasure. 1 wedding night tales

2. The three magic words

My heart was racing as he entered the room. It’s weird having a love marriage but to not have had sex before. But in the four years of our relationship, we had decided this is how we wanted it to be. We wanted to save ourselves...for each other. He leaned in for a kiss and I could feel my heart going berserk within my chest. I looked at his slightly crinkled eyes as his lips spread into a wide smile. And just like that I knew what to do - I pulled him closer, my hands in his hair, while his circled my waist. ‘I love you!’ he muttered in between the passionate kisses. ‘Let’s have sex.’ I replied. The three magic words we had both been waiting to hear.
2 wedding night tales

3. The Promise

‘Do it with someone you love’ - that’s what my heart always told me. And boy, was it right! After being in a relationship with a wonderful man for 5 long years, we both made a promise to only do it on our wedding night. It was just how we imagined it to be. Intense, energetic and passionate. Sex didn’t seem like just an act anymore, it had meaning and substance. It brought us even closer than before. Everytime he caressed my curves and I kissed his tender lips, our hearts felt in sync. I guess, it worth the long wait... 3 wedding night tales Images: Giphy, Shutterstock