#BridalHair: 10 Dos & Don’ts EVERY Bride Must Keep In Mind!

#BridalHair: 10 Dos & Don’ts EVERY Bride Must Keep In Mind!
You may be wearing the lehenga of your dreams, dear bride-to-be, but we all know that your hair can seriously make or break your look. A fabulous hairstyle can really pull your whole look together for a wedding day style that is so on point. So, to ensure you look and feel nothing short of a beautiful princess on your big day, here are some important wedding hair dos and don’ts to keep in mind. Flaunt your crowning glory to perfection, girl!

1. DO Pick Your Outfit First

1 wedding hair You need to say yes to the dress/ lehenga first and then plan your hair and makeup around it, not vice versa. You can zero in on a hairstyle and decide whether you want to wear your hair up or down depending on the neckline, back and cut of your outfit.

2. DON’T Assume Your Usual Stylist Is The Best Choice

You may love the way your hair stylist cuts your hair, but he/ she may not be the best choice for your special day. He/ she may not be too familiar with wedding styling. There are plenty of stylists out there who specialize in wedding looks and have more experience when it comes to styling specifically for brides.

3. DO Have A Hair Trial

3 wedding hair Before booking a bridal hairstylist, make sure you can have a trial in advance so there are no surprises on the big day. Have a trial session a month or so in advance so you can experiment with a couple of styles and hair accessories, to know what suits you and your outfit best. This way, you can be confident that you’ll look amazing.

4. DON’T Forget About The Climate

Heat and humidity are major things to consider when planning your hair look. If you’re having a beach wedding or know there will be high humidity levels, it’s a better idea to have your hair in a loose braid or updo, rather than leaving it down. This is because humidity WILL cause frizz, no matter how much hairspray you use.

5. DO Consider Extensions

5 wedding hair Clip-in pieces are an easy and great way of adding length and fullness. If your hair isn’t long enough or you want more length or volume for a particular look, it’s a good idea to ask your stylist about extensions. But only go for it if you feel confident and comfortable wearing them.

6. DON’T Let All The Heat Styling Damage Your Hair

Prep your hair in advance with plenty of nourishment by deep conditioning regularly and applying moisturizing hair masks. This way, your mane will be super moisturized, soft and shiny on your big day. Once the wedding is over, restore it back to health with the same hydrating treatments. Do schedule hair spa treatments at the salon before and after the wedding to ensure your locks stay in a beautiful condition.

7. DO Wear A Button-Down Shirt While Styling

7 wedding hair This way, you can easily change into your bridal ensemble, without having to lift your top over your head and ruining your just-styled do.

8. DON’T Go Overboard With Loose Tendrils

A few wispy tendrils framing your face can look romantic and flirty, but too many loose, long strands can ruin your look and cast shadows on your face. Make sure you or your stylist don’t get too carried away with letting a few strands loose.

9. DO Stick To A Style That Is YOU!

9 wedding hair It’s tempting to want to try something completely fresh and different but you do want to look like yourself on your wedding day. Don’t go too drastic, you should look like your best self and not like someone totally different. Remember, a style that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable should be your priority when finalizing your look.

10. DON’T Forget Those Highlights

Highlights add depth to your mane, even if you just want to go a few shades lighter. Balayage is also a great new technique for colour that looks more natural and seamless. Just make sure to get the under layers of your hair highlighted as well, especially if you’re planning for a bridal updo on your big day. Usually, a chunk of dark hair is revealed below when highlighted hair is pinned up so it’s better to avoid this. With these simple tips, we know you’re going to look spectacular, you gorgeous bride! Internal Images: Shutterstock