10 Adorable Ways A Girl’s Life Changes After Meeting *The One*

10 Adorable Ways A Girl’s Life Changes After Meeting *The One*
What does meeting ‘the one’ mean? What does it feel like? While some of us might be struggling to find these answers, a lucky few have known them all along. Here are 10 ways your life chances after meeting the one!

1. You almost always have a go-to plan

You don’t worry if you don’t have a saturday night party to attend or your friends can’t make it for the plans you had - you’ll always have someone to step out for lunch or dinner or just cuddle under the blankets with!

2. You have a constant support system

You never need to find an anchor in other people, because your significant other never lets you down when it comes to supporting your decisions. He is there for you, through thick and thin, just like you always wanted someone to be.
2 meeting the one

3. Awkward silence? What’s that?

There is never any awkwardness in the silences you share with him. In fact, you enjoy staring into nothingness together just as much as you enjoy talking all through the night!

4. There is no scope for doubt anymore

Insecurities are a part of human nature and even though they might peek-a-boo in your relationship once in awhile, there is never any scope for doubt to creep in. You trust your man and he trusts you as much! 4 meeting the one

5. Comfort is your middle name

You can be whatever you want to be, wherever you want to be, especially if you are with him. Being around him is like having a warm toasty blanket around you all the time!

6. Your decisions are no longer just about you

When you meet someone with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, it’s not just about him and you anymore, but instead, about ‘us’. You quit being two different entities all the time. Now many of your decisions affect your partner and you’re always keep that in mind! 6 meeting the one

7. You know you’re never being judged

You can say things in front of him that would have left other people judging you so bad! But with him, it doesn’t seem to matter. First, you know he is never going to judge you and second, you know that even if he does, he has said worse things!

8. ‘Boring’ is no more in your vocabulary

The two of you don’t need to be getting drunk or partying hard in order to have a good time. Things don’t fall under labels like boring and exciting anymore. It’s probably the best part of your relationship - that things can be boring and exciting at the same time! 8 meeting the one

9. There are no ultimatums

You have fights but both of you understand that these fights don’t have to lead to breakups. You fight, you take some time to calm down and before you know it, life’s back to being happy again!

10. You’re always striving for better

Now that you’ve found something that the rest of the world is searching for, you are always motivating each other to work towards even better things. To do more and be more in life. If that’s not love then what is, right? 10 meeting the one GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr