17 Cute Ways Your Hubby Says ‘I Love You’ Without *Saying* It!

17 Cute Ways Your Hubby Says ‘I Love You’ Without *Saying* It!
Ladies, we know that a simple ‘I love you’ from hubby dearest is such an amazing thing to hear. And if he doesn’t say these three words enough, you just have to look out for other things. These are the little things he does that are just another way of expressing his love for you. For those of you who haven’t noticed these ways already, we give you 17 simple and sweet ways your husband shows his love without really saying that he loves you. Take time to notice and start appreciating (and probably even returning the favour).

1. Surprise, surprise

He drops by at office, so that you two can step out for an impromptu lunch/ coffee. 1 ways your husband shows his love

2. He plays board games with you

He loves to spend time with you and is free enough to be a kid around you all over again. Monopoly or Ludo - your choice!

3. He gets you your fave flowers and chocolates often

Only because he knows that is sure to bring a wide smile on your face.

4. He knows when you need your space

He knows the exact difference between you wanting some me-time, and when you want a shoulder to lean on.

5. He comes home early...

...Just to spend some quality time with you over a cup of chai. Aww! 5 ways your husband shows his love

6. He decides to take the day off...

...when you are unwell – so that he can take care of you.

7. He shares the workload

Be it in the kitchen or with the laundry – he shares the household chores with you. After all, he realises it’s been a long day for both of you.

8. Random calls and texts

At work or when you’re out shopping. Not to spy on you, but just like that. Actually, ‘cause he misses you.

9. He lets you have the major share of the blanket

Because for him, come what may, you have to be cosy and comfy! 9 ways your husband shows his love

10. He hands you the remote control

And watches whatever you are watching. Without complaining. Do you even know what an awesome situation that is?

11. He is nice to your family and friends...

...Even if he secretly doesn’t like them too much. What a true gentleman!

12. Steps out for you

To fetch you your groceries or to satiate your midnight ice-cream craving. Even if he is exhausted.

13. He remembers the special days

Besides your birthday and anniversary, he cares to remember your parents’ and siblings’ birthdays as well. 13 ways your husband shows his love

14. He helps you shop

Even if he hates your indecisiveness, he makes the effort to not just hold your bags but to partake in your shopping by giving you advice.

15. He is your personal masseur...

...And is available at your beck and call. Need we say more? *Wink*

16. Holds your hand...

...Even in public. Well, because you both belong together, and the world should know that!

17. You are always a part of his life plans

Big or small – you are included in all his matters and decisions. 17 ways your husband shows his love GIFs: Giphy