12 Smart But Simple Ways For Every Girl To Save Money In 2017!

12 Smart But Simple Ways For Every Girl To Save Money In 2017!
With the effects of demonetisation and the tempting festive shopping, our bank accounts took a massive toll by the end of 2016! We’ve decided it’s a wise decision to adopt some money-saving strategies in 2017. Are you nodding in agreement? Well, then, here’s a list of super simple ways to save money this year, without letting it affect your lifestyle!

1. Dig out your old-school piggy bank

If you just can’t get yourself to save money, then a great way to start is through a force of habit. Just make it a point to slip in a certain amount into your piggy bank, every week. Voila! Just like that, money saving begins.

2. Only shop during sales

Sure, we get it, it’s hard to give up shopping! All we’re suggesting is that you shop smartly in 2017 by buying stuff only when it goes on sale. Expert tip: Add your must-have items to the ‘Wishlist’ tab on your favourite online shopping website, and order them once they go on discount! 2 ways to save money

3. Walk to nearby places

Saving on fuel, little by little, can take you a long way. So for short distances, just walk or bicycle your way to saving money and also, burning those extra calories. Clearly a win-win situation!

4. WhatsApp calling is the way to go, girl!

An easy way to save some money is to switch to WhatsApp, instead of using up your precious calling minutes. If you got down to calculating last year’s bills, you’d be shocked at how much money you spent on those long gossip sessions with your bestie! 4 ways to save money

5. Ditch the gym membership, workout in your garden instead

Girls, we know you know that gym memberships cost a bomb and that you barely get time to actually go. Want a better idea? Workout in the nearby park. If you’re not an outdoorsy person, then there is always the option of following a YouTube DIY workout video at home. All you need is a yoga mat and some Rihanna on blast!

6. Invest in a good hair curler/straightener

... And avoid unnecessary trips to the parlour before every big event. This is a one time expenditure that’ll save you costly trips to your hairdresser. Time to dress up at home, girl! 6 ways to save money (1)

7. Keep a lookout for offers at your fave restaurants

Nearbuy, Zomato, little app and so many other online services offer discounts and cashbacks at some amazing restaurants/ delivery places. It’ll take you a little while to get used to, but keep an eye out for these and you can grab a delicious meal for much less!

8. Watch movies on weekdays

Since there is a stark difference between the weekend and weekday ticket prices, make it a point to catch all the blockbusters during the week. Besides, what better way to end a hectic work day than to kick back and watch a funny rom-com? 8 ways to save money

9. Monitor your expenses to avoid overspending

You’d be surprised how by simply monitoring and maintaining your personal accounts, you can contain your expenses and hence, increase your savings!

10. Say a big YES to carpooling

With the rising pollution levels and fuel prices, carpooling or even, opting for the ‘shared cab’ option on Uber/ Ola, is an awesome way to save a few extra bucks.
10 ways to save money

11. Borrow clothes from your bestie/ sister

If you have some exciting parties coming up, calm down the shopaholic in you and borrow an LBD from a friend instead. Because you know what they say - money saved is money earned.

12. Haggle till you drop…

Never give up too easily! After all, it’s the art of saving money. 12 ways to save money GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr