Just Married? 10 Adorable Ways To Make The First Week Special!

Just Married? 10 Adorable Ways To Make The First Week Special!
Hello pretty lady, and congratulations on the wedding! Now that you’re married and settling into your new life, here’s a little piece of advice. This phase that you’re experiencing, the first few days of your marriage, is never going to come back. And the feeling of a being a newlywed is just so beautiful in so many ways. So, make the best of the time that you have now. Check out these amazing ideas and cute ways to make every day of the first week of your marriage truly special.

1. Wake him up with a surprise!

The most exciting thing about being married is waking up to each other every single morning. Take that extra step to greet him with a sweet little surprise the moment he’s up. Something as simple as a heartfelt note on his bedside with some fresh roses. Leave him a little note to let him know you love him and do this all through the week.   1 first week of your marriage

2. Breakfast in bed

You’ve had a pretty hectic week so now it’s time to relax. And nothing's quite as special as a wholesome breakfast in bed. Prepare it yourself, together or just order in but do spend those first few days lazing around in the sheets with a hot cup of coffee and some delicious food. Trust us, once you’re back to the grind, days like these will only come once in awhile.

3. A treasure hunt sounds fun!

Is he stepping out for a bit? Use that time to plan a treasure hunt around the house. Hide clues all around the place with one clue leading to the other. Make it simple, make it fun and let the final clue lead him to a gift you’ve got for him. 3 first week of your marriage

4. Make sex special

Sex will always be special but right now, it truly feels something else altogether. So take the first week to be an extended wedding night! Dress sexy, set the mood right and try something new and exciting every night of the week. Naughty games, those handcuffs you were gifted at the bachelorette, wish cards…do it all!

5. Smile for the selfie!

How about taking a selfie every day for the first week of your marriage. Might not seem like such a big deal right now, but trust us, a few years down the line, you’ll truly cherish these pictures. And do caption each of this pictures with how you’re feeling that very moment. 5 first week of your marriage

6. King and queen for a day!

Pick a day each when you’d like to be treated as a king or a queen. And the other one has to do his/ her best to take care of all the wishes and demands of the ruler. From cooking for each other to performing a striptease, the options are endless. And it’s upto you how you make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity!

7. A goodnight note

Aww… Now wouldn’t that be wonderful? This would work exceptionally well in an arranged marriage wherein both of you can write about how the day with your hubby or wife was and if you learnt something new about each other. Or any other sweet incident from the day that you’d like to mention. But hold on, because you only get to read the note the next morning! Or maybe a whole week later. 7 first week of your marriage

8. Do include the family

You’ll have plenty of time together during the honeymoon, so before you leave, take this time to thank your near and dear ones. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A simple dinner at home or a long group video chat perhaps. To see all your loved ones bonding together so early on in the relationship will only strengthen the bond that you two share.

9. Hit the spa

Because the two of you really need it! Before you jet set on the vacation, book yourselves into a couple spa and spend the day relaxing and rejuvenating. A hot oil massage in each others company will only make those first few days all the more special. 9 first week of your marriage

10. Tell him you love him...

...Every day. Every minute. Every moment of the first week of marriage. Don’t miss the chance to tell him just how wonderful you feel to have him by your side. And do this not just for the first week but every day for the rest of your lives. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr