10 Easy Ways To Get Super Smooth Skin From Head To Toe!

10 Easy Ways To Get Super Smooth Skin From Head To Toe!
We’re all super jealous of celebrities who flaunt gorgeous looking skin all year round! They understand that it’s not just about pampering your facial skin, it’s about taking care of your entire body. Sure, Kim K might have a massive team of skin experts at her beck and call, but then again, you have us! Want to wake up to perfect skin and a great mood? Then here are 10 awesome ways to get super smooth skin from head to toe!

1. Cleansing is key

Make it a routine to clean the grime and dirt from your skin at the end of each day. Ideally, we should wash our face twice, but with our hectic schedules, we tend to skip this step. If you’re too tired (like most of us are) at night, then clean with a wet wipe and follow up with some toner. Also, sleeping with your makeup on is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Avoid it at all costs!

2.  Keep your skin hydrated

super smooth skin overall 5 A hydrating moisturizer is a staple product in every girl’s daily skin care routine, no matter her skin type. Expert tip? Slather on an extra layer of moisturizer at night and let it work its magic while you catch up on your beauty sleep. You’ll wake up to skin that feels nourished and, most importantly, ultra fresh!

3. Scrub, scrub, scrub!

Dreaming of summer days when you can finally flaunt smooth legs with that short skirt you love? Then pamper your skin with an exfoliator! Word of advice: since the skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on your hands and feet, buy two different products. You need a milder, specialized scrub for your face.

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4. Don’t torture your skin - just shave!

super smooth skin overall Waxing is tedious, hair removal creams are messy and don’t even get us started on the pain epilators have caused us. Our motto: why go through all that when you can get rid of unwanted hair with just one stroke? All you need to do is pick up a razor that has an ergonomically designed rubber handle for a firm grip and a pivoting head to help with a hassle-free glide over curved areas of your body (we favour Gillette Venus). It will help you achieve smooth and fuzz-free legs within minutes - that too, without any pain!.

5. Schedule weekly steam sessions

If unwinding in a steam room isn’t the first thing on your weekend to-do list, then we’d recommend making it a priority. It opens up your pores and helps cleanse the dirt deep down. Whiteheads and blackheads also soften up and are then easier to remove!

6. Grab some water

super smooth skin overall 4 There has got to be a reason why celebrities go on and on and on about how much water they consume. Why is it important? Well, it helps remove toxins from your body, improves your metabolic rate, gets rid of acne and evens out your skin tone. A minimum of 8 glasses of water a day will get your skin glowing (that too, without any makeup!).

7. Don’t skip the sunscreen in winter (or ever!)

Don’t be fooled by the dark, gloomy weather outside, your skin needs protection from the deceptive sun! Develop a habit of applying sunscreen, with a minimum SPF 30, on all exposed areas before stepping out. You don’t want unwanted sun spots to dull your sparkle or cause lines!

8. Sleep well, you beauty!

super smooth skin overall2 We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again - sleeping well is one of the key secrets to picture perfect skin. Lack of sleep leads to dull skin and dark patches. While we get our beauty sleep, our skin repairs the damages caused during the day. You’ll lose if you don’t snooze!

9. Can I have a salad, please?

We all love digging into that cheesy pizza every once in a while. But your mom is right - if you want thick hair and naturally smooth skin then you’ll have to add green leafy vegetables to your diet. Play smart, balance your diet in a way that you can accommodate a little bit of everything. *Wink*

10. Use your grandma’s beauty secrets

super smooth skin overall 3 Our mothers (and their mothers) weren’t used to fancy products or treatments, they used a few simple home remedies that reflect on their skin even today. To get your glow on, whip up a face mask at home. Apply chilled yoghurt 10 mins before you take a shower, on your entire body. It not only soothes your skin but also makes it soft and supple! You can add besan along with a few drops of lemon to create the perfect all-natural de-tan face pack. *This is a sponsored post for Gillette Venus.