Sudden Breakout On D-Day? 9 Ways To Deal With That Pesky Pimple!

Sudden Breakout On D-Day? 9 Ways To Deal With That Pesky Pimple!
Woken up on the morning of your wedding day, to the horror of what seems like a zit that is only going to grow bigger on your face? Worry not! It isn’t as bad a nightmare as you’re imagining it to be. No, really. We have a few quick fixes which will tackle the problem in a jiffy. Here are 10 highly effective ways to deal with a pimple on your wedding day.

1. Don’t you pop it

As much as you feel tempted to do this in an attempt to get rid of that horrid zit immediately, it is NOT a good idea, ladies. This will only irritate your skin further and lead to more swelling and redness. This can even result in scarring. So keep those hands off the zit, we say.

2. Ice it up

2 ways to deal with a pimple Icing your face is a great beauty hack anyway - it closes pores and soothes any inflamed area. And when it comes to a pimple, icing it in a circular motion for about 5-10 minutes every hour will contract the blood vessels there and reduce the size and redness of the pimple. Easy peasy and not too time consuming on your wedding day!

3. Consult your dermat for a cortisone shot

If you have the time for it, best is to check with your dermatologist and get a cortisone shot. This injection is put right into the zit and visibly stops it from getting any bigger or redder. This also minimizes the possibility of scarring. This shot can lead to some puffiness in the area though, so discuss this with your doc beforehand.

4. Get your paste on

4 ways to deal with a pimple Who knew that applying something as basic as that toothpaste lying on your basin could sort out your beauty woes? Apply a tiny bit of this paste and leave it on for a couple of hours. This will help it dry up and shrink. Another paste that works wonders is crushed aspirin in a paste form. Do give it a shot, and shine bright on your big day.

5. Conceal the deal like a pro

If you have the mark of a zit on your face, makeup done right can cover it up perfectly, giving you that lovely bridal glow. Dot on a good concealer, that is as close to your skin tone as possible, onto the blemish and dab it outwards with a brush or your finger. This way you can conceal the blemish and the redness around it. Don’t overdo it with the concealer though, as that can end up drawing more attention to the zit.

6. Try Benzoyl Peroxide

6 ways to deal with a pimple Be it a cream or a face wash, one containing Benzoyl Peroxide can work like magic on that zit trying to stress you out on your big day. Applying the cream on the spot for some time can ease out the pimple and reduce its appearance - what more does the bride want in this situation?

7. Heard of spot treatment?

Bring out that aloe vera gel, slices of tomato, cucumber or tea tree oil - all the things that you can apply on the affected area to soothe it, prevent it from growing bigger and reduce the inflammation. This will also tackle the redness on and around the spot. This way, you will enter your wedding venue looking radiant and oh-so-gorgeous.

8. Don’t overtreat it

8 ways to deal with a pimple Trying a gazillion things in a span of a few hours might actually not do you good. Applying too many creams and kitchen ingredients can damage your skin more than soothe it. Be patient and wise about it, ladies, you will look stunning on D-day.

9. Keep smiling - you’re the BRIDE!

The most important thing is that it is the day of your wedding to your one true love! Don’t you forget that ladies. So put on that wide smile - you will look drop dead gorgeous anyway, we promise! Internal Images: Shutterstock