13 AWESOME Ways To Celebrate Your Guy’s Next Birthday!

13 AWESOME Ways To Celebrate Your Guy’s Next Birthday!
We take birthdays VERY seriously. Especially when it’s the guy in our life who is turning a year older (and wiser, hopefully!). It’s time to get more creative than simply planning a night out in town with friends. What’s special about that? So, if your man’s birthday is around the corner and you’re wondering how to turn things up a notch, we’ve got you covered! Here is a list of 13 things you can plan for your SO’s birthday!

1. Brunch in bed

Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a yummy platter of delicious food. Since he probably spent the previous night celebrating, make him his favourite breakfast and serve it in bed. Think a stack of chocolate pancakes, sizzling bacon, fried eggs, along with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. celebrate your boyfriends birthday 6 (1)

2.  A walk down memory lane…

..Literally! Trace your steps back to your first special date. Book a table at the same restaurant, order the same food and put on the same dress. Heartfelt gestures are always appreciated especially when they’re from someone you love the most. Also Read 6 PERFECT Gift Ideas For Your Man’s Birthday

3. Sun, sand and love!

There is nothing better than spending time away together, especially when it involves views of stunning sandy beaches. Surprise him with a trip to a gorgeous, sunny location (we highly recommend Mauritius). If you’re worried about planning, we recommend using Thomas Cook, from currency converter to foreign exchange, they take care of every tiny detail! celebrate your boyfriends birthday 3

4. Get crafty!

If last minute flight bookings are too heavy on your pocket, you can show off your crafty side and frame a collage with pictures of you two, at different stages of your relationship. This is something that will remain with him for the rest of his life and he will always think of you when he spots it around the house!

5. Buy him that sports kit he’s been eyeing..

.. Or that signed basketball jersey! Boys will be boys and there are certain things they will never get over. While their obsession with sports may get on our nerves sometimes, their birthday is when we should give them a legit approval! Now all you need to do is book a court, call his buddies and organise a full-blown sports day (with some alcohol and yummy food, of course). celebrate your boyfriends birthday 6

6. Throw him a themed birthday party!

It’s fun to go out to a club and dance your heart out, but you know what’s better? Throwing a surprise party for him. And even better - add a theme to it! You already know his favourite movie or sports team, so plan the decor accordingly and ask everyone to pitch in. After all, it’s the thought that counts. He will have everything he loves (including you), under one roof!

7. Organise a treasure hunt

This might need some research and work but it’ll be worth the effort. If your boyfriend is an adventure junkie then plot a tricky treasure hunt with awesome gifts. Let each clue lead to a gift but make sure the last clue leads to YOU! A day full of fun games, is a day well spent. celebrate your boyfriends birthday1

8. Surprise him with pretty lingerie

No, not for him! While it may seem like it’s a gift for you but it’s actually the best way to surprise him. ‘Cause honestly, what’s a birthday without some memorable alone time?

9. A spa day for two

After a heavy night out celebrating, give him something that will lighten his body and mind. Book a couple’s spa for his special day and just relax. It’s the next best thing to booking Mauritius packages! A full-day spa session will not only be a romantic thing you two do together, but it’ll also ease his mind of daily stress. celebrate your boyfriends birthday 2

10. Plan a nice dinner with his parents

Spending time with his family will be something that will give him a kind of happiness that no other surprise will. This will also be a chance for you to bond with them, helping you take your relationship to the next level.

11. An adventurous day out

Remember that to-do list you’ve been ignoring? It’s time to take it out. Play hooky from work and spend the day doing something completely out of the box. You could drive to a romantic fort close to the city, get tickets to an adventure park or even plan to go out day-drinking. Do everything that you have been wanting to do since a long long time. celebrate your boyfriends birthday 5

12. Arrange a boys night out

We all know how much boys like to spend time with their childhood buddies doing absolutely nothing. This birthday, give it to him! After spending a day full of love and laughter with him, let him spend the night with his boy besties. Arrange a PlayStation, some beers and let them have the time of their life.

13. Make his birthday last a whole month!

Just a single day of celebrations for turning a year older? No, we reject that plan! Make it into a birthday week or a birthday month. Make a pact to celebrate his entire birthday month by going out to cool new places every week. Also, instead of buying him one huge gift, plan small things throughout the month - it’ll make him feel twice as loved! celebrate your boyfriends birthday4 *This is a sponsored post for Thomas Cook.