10 Not-So-Awkward (And Fun!) Ideas For Your Rishta Date

10 Not-So-Awkward (And Fun!) Ideas For Your Rishta Date
Has your family started to ask you to meet boys in the arranged marriage scenario? If so, one question that boggles the best of us is where you both should meet and what exactly you should do to make things slightly less awkward. Here are 10 things you can do on a rishta meeting that are easy and will help you bond with him too!

1. Take a class together

It could be anything from a cooking class to a pottery session! Making the activity your primary focus will hopefully help you both break the ice and gradually get to know each other! 1 rishta meeting

2. Go bowling

Isn’t it always so much fun?! It will be a relaxing and busy environment so you won't feel awkward at all, we promise. You could even challenge him in a game and make the situation more interesting.

3. Pay the chaat waala a visit

Many of us love chaat and going to your fave chaat waala will make it a more fun and informal meeting. Maybe have him try your favourite chaat type there and see if his choice matches yours?  

4. A walk in the park

This might sound a tad bit boring, but imagine the greenery, the fresh air, and a long walk with the prospective groom. Trust us ladies, long walks can become quite interesting.   4 rishta meeting

5. A quiet afternoon tea

Instead of going for a long lunch or dinner with lots of people around and sometimes loud music too, opt for a cutesy and quaint cafe where the two of you can really chat over coffee and cake!

6. A long drive

A lot can happen over a long drive, ladies. Don’t be fixed on where to drive or how long a drive it should be. Just go on till the conversation flows and you both are comfy.

7. Visit a monument

It could be any historical monument in your city which you may or may not have visited. We bet it’s a pretty place to be and the history behind it will be a great conversation starter. 7 rishta meeting

8. Trip to an art gallery  

An art exhibition works well as there are so many points to draw inspiration from for a conversation between the two of you!

9. Meet at a club where you’re a member

The familiar environment will help you to feel at ease! Order your favourite food there and show him around.

10. How about a fun fair?

This should end up being a super fun date and an awesome way to see his inner child at play! Think ferris wheels, cotton candy and so much more that will make this meeting so much easier. 10 rishta meeting GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr