10 Aww-dorable Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy To Everyone!

10 Aww-dorable Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy To Everyone!
Preggers? Yay! Congratulations. By now we’re sure you must have shared the good news with your hubby dearest. It’s time to share this excitement with the rest of your world. Here are 10 adorable ways to announce your pregnancy.

1. Tell your besties first

If they live in the same city, call them over and share the big news. If they live far away – message them ‘we need to go shopping soon – for extra-large clothes and stretch denims to contain the bump’. 1 announce your pregnancy

2. Cookie cuteness

Get customized fortune cookies for your friends and family. Each one must be about them becoming an aunt or uncle or grandparents – you get the picture, right?

3. Give a sign

Take a photo with a ‘Baby on board’ or ‘Bump Ahead’ placard and post it on social media.

4. Say it with books

Ask the hubby to click a photo of you in the children’s book section with the caption – I’ll have to visit this place often – soon. Or hold a few baby books in your hand and say, which one do you think the ‘bun in the oven’ will like? 4 announce your pregnancy

5. Show the sonogram

Hold the baby’s first pic (sonogram actually) and ask – pink or blue?

6. Food for thought

Put in lots of your favourite food on a plate or a big soup bowl and caption it ‘eating for two!’

7. Down to the tee

Click a photo wearing a T-shirt that says – ‘Mom to be’ and ‘Dad to be’ and be cool, guys. *Wink*. 7 announce your pregnancy

8. Say it with balloons

Click a picture holding a pink and blue balloon, saying ‘Guess what?’.

9. Make a meal

Of baby carrots, baby corn, baby potatoes and click a pic with your bump next to it.

10. Block your calendar

For a year after your due date – ask friends to block the date for your child’s first birthday! 10 announce your pregnancy GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr