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10 *Different* Valentine’s Day Gifts That He Will LOVE!

10 *Different* Valentine’s Day Gifts That He Will LOVE!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we have some great gifting ideas for you that’ll not only look expensive and awesome but wouldn’t cost you a lot. After all, it is not about the price tag of the gift, it is the thought behind the gift that matters the most. Here are 10 amazing valentine's day gift ideas for your boyfriend that he will definitely love!

1. Bake a cake

1 valentines day gift ideas One of the sweetest gestures is a self-baked cake for your loved one. Choose his favourite flavour and put on your chef’s hat! If you’re not so much of a baker, order his favourite cake! POPxo Recommends: Black Forest Cake (Rs 1,349)

2. Personalised champagne flutes

2 valentines day gift ideas Raise a toast to your love and get personalised champagne flutes. You could get them personalised with your initials or your anniversary date. This would be a gift that would last you both a lifetime. POPxo Recommends: Couple Personalised Champagne Flutes (Rs 1,499)

3. Picture of pictures

3 valentines day gift ideas This is not a clichéd gift of a picture in a photo frame. Instead, this gift involves a picture which is made out of several smaller pictures. From a distance, it seems like one big picture but when you would look closer, you would see various small happy memories of both of you. POPxo Recommends: Picture Of Pictures (Rs 1,200)

4. Beer soap

4 valentines day gift ideas Does he love beer? What would be better than having a bath with some beer too?! Gift him a beer soap that has been made using real beer! And don’t worry, he won’t smell like a brewery once he steps out of the shower as the beer has been mixed with other pleasant fragrances too. POPxo Recommends: Beer Soap (Rs 449)

5. Hundred reasons I love you

5 valentines day gift ideas Yes, of course, there are more than 100 reasons you love your partner but this bucket has scrolls of some sweet messages you could gift your partner. Make him feel happy and special as he reads through these hundred little scrolls filled with cutesy and loving messages.
POPxo Recommends: Hundred Reasons I Love You Bucket (Rs 799)

6. Mystery room

6 valentines day gift ideas Rather than going for a candlelight dinner, gift your partner a day in a mystery room game. This game would involve the two of you being locked in a room and finding clues, solving puzzles and completing missions. Be a team and trust each other’s instincts to solve the mystery. POPxo Recommends: CTRL.SHIFT.ESC (Rs 1,400)

7. Personalised underwear

7 valentines day gift ideas Get a little naughty this Valentine’s Day and gift him a personalised underwear with a ‘personalized’ message on it. It could be anything fun as ‘superman’ or ‘my property’. This gift is surely going to make him blush, ladies! POPxo Recommends: Personalised Underwear (Rs 749)

8. Name a star after him!

8 valentines day gift ideas Let him know that he is the centre of your universe by naming a star after him! Really, it’s the sweetest thing ever. POPxo Recommends: Name A Star Form (Rs 1,950)

9. Chocolate bouquet

9 valentines day gift ideas Move over from the boring bouquet of flowers, this is the time to think differently! Gather all his favourite chocolates and present them to him beautifully in the form of a bouquet. We are sure he is going to be pleasantly surprised with this gift. POPxo Recommends: Chocolate Bouquet (Rs 1,499)

10. Propose to him

10 valentines day gift ideas You know that he is the one for you and have no doubts about spending your life with him. Rather than having him do it first, why not surprise him by breaking the tradition and popping the question to him? And if you’re not ready to propose yet, promise him your heart with a ring!
POPxo Recommends: Couple Promissory Band In Silver (Rs 699)
Published on Jan 27, 2017
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