11 Cute Wedding Vows To Make To Each Other… They’re Adorable!

11 Cute Wedding Vows To Make To Each Other… They’re Adorable!
Indian weddings involve the ritual of the saat pheras wherein the couple makes seven vows, promising each other to stand together always. However, apart from these vows which the panditji recites, we have some fun, unique wedding vows every couple needs to make to each other as they get married.

1. I promise to put down the toilet seat each and every time!

Every man NEEDS to promise this to his to-be wife. Right, girls?!

2. I will never steal the blanket from you.

And when you feel very kind, you can let the other have a bigger share of it!
2 unique wedding vows

3. I promise to try and enjoy your choice of music in the car.

Because what’s a romantic drive without some awesome music?

4. I promise to be your ‘Netflix and chill’ partner.

Those Saturday nights in are going to be so much fun together! 4 unique wedding vows

5. Whether it’s your football league final or my fave rom-com on television, we still have to be all ears for each other.

Because love comes first!

6. I will put in my best efforts to understand your bizarre sense of humour.

After all, you have you have someone laughing at those silly PJs! 6 unique wedding vows

7. I promise to be your co-pilot, navigator and the one to bring snacks.

‘Cause what else is a road trip about?!

8. I promise to hear out every minute detail of every relevant or irrelevant story you have to tell.

Also, re-telling the same story multiple times should not be an issue! 8 unique wedding vows

9. We watch every episode of our fave TV series, together!

Partners for life, after all!

10. I promise to tolerate your ice cold feet under that warm blanket.

No screaming, no cribbing. How else will those feet get warm?
10 unique wedding vows

11. We promise to be silly together.

And laugh till the tummy hurts. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr