20 Tops For You To Look Sexy In Without Showing Too Much Skin

20 Tops For You To Look Sexy In Without Showing Too Much Skin
This story was updated in February 2019. Are you the kinda girl who wants to dress up sexy but doesn’t like to show too much skin? Don’t worry, revealing outfits aren’t the only way to achieve that. Here we have 20 tops that look sexy, while leaving something to the imagination! *Wink

20 Tops With a Sex Appeal That Don't Reveal Too Much Skin

No need for you to wonder how to dress without showing too much skin, for we have done the job for you! Our list of carefully selected tops will have you looking smashing with you being totally in your comfort zone!

1. Cape It Up

cape-it-up-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin Look like every inch of a diva in this stunning top from Popnetic. We just LOVE the flared sleeve details. Pair it with high waisted pants for a perfect evening look.
Price: Rs 1,099. Buy it here.

2. Beat The Blues

beat-the-blues-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin This blue top stole our hearts. It manages to be pretty and sophisticated at the same time! It will look amazing when paired with fitted distressed jeans. Price: Rs 1,499. Buy it here.

3. Beige Beauty

Beige-Beauty-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin We are totally crushing on this beige top with golden details. Throw it over a pair of skinny jeans and look super hot without revealing too much! Price: Rs 2,399. Buy it here.

4. Flower Power

flower-power-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin How pretty is this floral crop top? We especially love V-neckline and the loop closure on the front. Wear this with a flared skirt, hat and boots for a stunning, feminine look! Still wondering about how to dress without showing too much skin ? Price: Rs 910. Buy it here.

5. Lusting Over Lace

lusting-over-lace-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin Lace and sexy go hand in hand. Look like a total bomb in this sheer lace black crop top without going OTT! Pair it with a black skirt and boots for a super sexy look. Price: Rs 928. Buy it here.

6. Fancy Facade

fancy-facade-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin Look hot AF in this black top with lace up details on the backside. It will look amazing when paired with wide legged pants or a straight skirt. Show off that sexy back with confidence ladies!
Price: Rs 9,80. Buy it here.

7. Metallic Madness

metallic-madness Since metallics are so in, this one had to be included! We love the short hemline on this one. Trust us ladies, you will look like a bomb in this metallic number. You won't need to ask style experts about how to dress without showing too much skin with this one! Price: Rs 1200. Buy it here.

8. Shimmer Elegance

shimmer-elegance-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin We fell in love the moment we laid our eyes on this top. It’s so different and classy that it will make you look like a total diva. You can thank us later! Price: Rs 760. Buy it here.

9. All That Glitters

all-that-glitters-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin Shine bright at all the parties with this stunning burgundy shimmer sweater. Its bell sleaves and knot tie at the front will have you looking sexy AF! Price: Rs 1,491. Buy it here.

10. Red Rage

red-rage How stunning is this red lace crop top from Shein? Sport it with a pencil skirt or high waisted pants and you’ll have all eyes on you, girl! Price: Rs 938. Buy it here.

11. Sporty Hues

sporty-hues-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin Channel your sporty side in this super cool gray sport top. It will look super cool when paired with jeggings and sneakers.
Price: Rs 1,590. Buy it here.

12. Wonder Wrap

wrap-wonder This top is just SO pretty. Featuring a V neck and wrap design, we are totally in love with this number. We are buying this right now. Are you? Price: Rs 1899. Buy it here.

13. Peach Prettiness

peach-prettyness-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin If you are a girl who loves pretty pastels, then this top should totally be in your wardrobe! Believe us ladies, this top will look stunning on you. Price: Rs 1170. Buy it here.

14. White Wonder

white-wonder-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin Pretty and classy were the two words that came to our mind when we found this top. Pair it with a fitted pencil skirt to grab the right kind of attention! Price: Rs 2,168. Buy it here.

15. Gorgeous Greens

gorgeous-green-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin Turn heads wherever you go with this super sexy top. It is so classy and sexy at the same time, you will have all eyes on you, girl! Price: Rs 700. Buy it here.

16. For The Love Of Embroidery

For-The-Love-Of-Embroidery-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin Even a little bit of embroidery instantly gives your outfit a heightened appeal! This black blouse with embroidery on the bell sleaves is all you need to make heads turn!
Price: Rs 1299. Buy it here.

17. Peplum Surprise

the-black-pemplum-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin This black peplum top with lace detailing in the neckline will add an instant oomph factor to any outfit. Pair it with fitted jeans and strappy heels and get your look rocking! Price: Rs 751. Buy it here

18. Choker Stopper

Choker-Stopper-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin Nothing speaks sexy like choker in an outfit. This lavender rib knit fitted tee is simple, but will add a certain bit of sex appeal to your overall look. Pair it with bell jeans and boots to amp up your style! Price: Rs 687. Buy it here

19. Sleeve V-Cut Neck Solid Tee

Sleeve-V-Cut-Neck-Solid-Tee-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin This solid V-neck tee is all you need to flaunt those collarbones. Pair this with fitted blue jeans or black pencil skirt along with strappy heels and look nothing less than a ramp model! Price: Rs 815. Buy it here

20. Mesh Mess

mesh-mess-how-to-dress-without-showing-too-much-skin Mesh is our answer to all our style woes. This black top with mesh sleeves will instantly add a touch of sex appeal to your look! Pair it with denim shorts and you will be all set to make heads turn! Price: Rs 583. Buy it here Happy shopping ladies!
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