10 Things To NOT Do When You Wear A Salwar Kameez!

10 Things To NOT Do When You Wear A Salwar Kameez!
Pulling off a salwar suit isn’t as easy as it looks. From a perfectly fitted kurta to a salwar made with the right fabric, there’s a lot that goes into perfecting the art of wearing a salwar kameez! For all the girls looking for tips to wear salwar kameez, here are 10 things NOT to do when you’re rocking this desi girl style!

1. Not choosing a flowy fabric for your salwar

1 tips to wear salwar kameez Brocade, linen and cotton are fabrics that don’t flow with your figure and can make you look bulkier. Go for fabrics that are light and flowy. Fabrics like chiffon, crepe and georgette will make movement easier for you and ensure that you don’t look stocky!

2. A very long kurta with your patiala

A long kurta is an absolute no-no! It’ll cover your salwar and will attract attention to your legs for all the wrong reasons! It’s an unwritten rule that you must wear a kurta that is shorter than the knee length, if you’re pairing it with a patiala salwar. By wearing a long kurta you cover all the pleats of the salwar which frankly, is the charm of the whole look!

3. Over accessorising

3 tips to wear salwar kameez We know you want to wear all the jhumkas and bangles you own with that gorgeous salwar kameez of yours, but you might want to avoid them. When you’re wearing a suit in a heavy fabric like brocade or with a lot of embroidery, go for minimal accessories. Choose one area you want to accessorise. Wearing a necklace when your kurta has a heavy neckline or wearing too many bangles when the sleeves have a lot of work, is clearly not the best idea!

4. Lining Issues!

For kurtas that need a lining, it’s essential that you either get your lining stitched with your kurta or get that perfect lenght so it doesn’t peek out. Seriously, a slip that’s visible makes it seem like you’re wearing two kurtas and that my friends, is not an attractive look!

5. NOT putting a pin on it

5 tips to wear salwar kameez If your kurta fits well, it’s unlikely that the shoulders will keep slipping to show your bra strap. But sometimes when you’re busy dancing, it can happen! For such instances, it’s advisable to get a loop stitched under the shoulders of your kurta so that it keeps the bra strap in place. Or you can use the age old safety pins to do the same!

6. Not carrying a dupatta when you should

Some suits call for a dupatta while with other suits you can easily skip those few extra metres of fabric. Not carrying a dupatta with a suit that has a deep or an elaborate neckline with heavy work, can look a bit awkward. If you don’t want to go for a heavy dupatta with a suit that already has a lot of embellishments, go for a plain chiffon dupatta that gives a sexy glimpse of your neckline!  

7. Colour coordinating everything

7 tips to wear salwar kameez Colour coordinating is essential, but wearing everything in the same colour is surely not! Go for different shades of the same colour if you don’t want to wear contrast combinations. It’s going to make your look well balanced!

8. A dupatta that’s too short

The length of the dupatta is supposed to be no less than 2.5 metres! When you wear the dupatta sideways on your shoulders, it’s supposed to reach till your knees. A dupatta any shorter than that looks odd. Long flowy dupattas really complement the desi salwar suit!

9. Wearing a kurta that doesn’t fit well!

9 tips to wear salwar kameez Getting that perfect fit is SO important in Indian wear. There’s nothing like a well fitted kurta with a typical patiala salwar! Wearing a kurta that’s loose and ill-fitted will make you look bulky and grab attention for all the wrong reasons.

10. The wrong footwear!

Salwar kameez is all about keeping a continuous flow in the outfit. Wearing juttis with a long salwar, that might get stuck in your feet, or wearing heels with a salwar that ends right at your ankle, is a bad idea! Choose heels that are comfortable to walk in and always keep the length of the salwar in mind while choosing footwear. Internal Images: Shutterstock