10 Things To NOT Do When You Wear A Saree!

10 Things To NOT Do When You Wear A Saree!
Wearing a saree isn’t as easy as it looks. In fact, it takes plenty of practice to wear it with perfection. It is a great drape to give your figure some shape, but only when done right. There are some things you just should not do while wearing a saree as that can totally ruin your look. These don’ts are the perfect tips to wear a saree with plenty of swag and sass, minus any disasters!

1. Tying it too high or too low

1 tips to wear a saree Look in the mirror before you start tying your saree to decide where your petticoat will sit. Whether you’re tying it yourself or have someone to drape it for you, make sure it’s neither too high nor too low. Too high will simply look funny and too low might make it slip further down and cause an awkward situation.

2. Not pinning it right!

2 tips to wear a saree While it’s not good to over-pin and make holes in your saree, using no pins might just cause a free fall! Yes, we mean it. Definitely secure your pleats and pallu with the help of a pin to keep them in place. The position of the pins matter, girls.

3. Over-accessorizing

3 tips to wear a saree You don’t have to wear all the jewellery you have. A saree looks graceful as it is, so do not over-accessorize, even if you’re wearing a plain saree. Wear jewellery according to the embellishments on your saree. If it’s a heavy saree, keep your jewels minimal and clean. If it’s a plain, one-toned saree, accentuate your look with one statement piece of jewellery. It could be a necklace, earrings or even a mathapatti!

4. A mismatched petticoat

4 tips to wear a saree A pink petticoat with a white saree? Umm...that’s a big NO! Girls, a wrong petticoat can completely ruin the look of your saree. We suggest you match your petticoat and saree colour down to the T! It makes the entire ensemble look more put together and bright as well.

5. Wearing the wrong blouse

5 tips to wear a saree A saree is only half complete without its blouse. You might want to try that blouse design you saw on Deepika Padukone, but be sure before getting it stitched. Firstly, know whether or not your tailor is confident about stitching a similar one for you. And secondly, also be sure about whether you want to carry off a particular neckline and back design, and whether it will suit you. The length of the sleeves also make a big difference. Remember ladies, elbow-length sleeves flatter all and are also super trendy at the moment

6. Having a pallu that’s too short…

6 tips to wear a saree ...or too long! Both look equally disastrous and will be pretty uncomfortable. In order to avoid being in this situation, pre-pleat your saree before you even begin to drape it on your waist. This will give you a better idea of the exact length of your pallu.

7. Colour coordinating everything

7 tips to wear a saree From the saree and blouse to the bangles and eye makeup - this was certainly bollywood’s favourite trend when Sridevi was wearing those sexy chiffon sarees, but not anymore, girls! Move away from matchy matchy and move over to colour-blocking, because that's absolutely the way to go. Red on red will only make you look dull, but a red saree paired with a bronze blouse and gold jewellery will get you noticed, in a good way!

8. Footwear flaws

8 tips to wear a saree Draped your saree perfectly and then remembered you’ll be wearing heels?! Don’t we all do this? Ladies, it’s time to rectify this silly yet really big mistake. Wear your heels before you start draping your saree, or else you can end up with a length that is too short or too long. Yes, the rule applies when you’re wearing your petticoat too.

9. The wrong draping styles

9 tips to wear a saree Some draping styles are meant to make you look bulkier than you are, while others will make you look slimmer. If you’re a saree virgin, stick to the regular, nivi saree drape. A front pallu or something more complicated might make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

10. Picking the wrong fabric

10 tips to wear a saree Kanjeevarams, paithani, kota-cottons are stiff fabrics that don’t allow a lot of movement and don’t flow with your figure. They may also make you look heavier than you are. So stick to chiffons, crepes and satins that are lightweight and easily take the shape of your body, making you look prettier! Internal Images: Shutterstock