9 Awesome Tips To Make Sure Your Bridal Makeup Is On Point!

9 Awesome Tips To Make Sure Your Bridal Makeup Is On Point!
Planning a wedding requires so many little things to be looked into to make sure there is consistency in everything from the outfits to the décor. Makeup is no different! It is a crucial part of your wedding look and requires detail orientation to make sure it doesn’t clash with anything like the décor or your clothes or the lights. Here are a few tips to help you plan your bridal makeup like a pro!

1. Makeup to complement your wedding theme

Your wedding outfit, the colours of the lighting, the colours of the venue itself, the colours of the floral arrangements, all ought to be considered when deciding your makeup. It may seem a bit over the top but these little details matter and certainly do show, especially in pictures. You want things to be in sync with each other and not clash, don’t you?

2. Decide your MUA well in advance

2 plan your bridal makeup If you decide to hire a professional to do your makeup, meet as many makeup artists as you may need before you find 'the one'. It is so important for the MUA to understand your vision for your bridal look so that he/ she can recreate it accurately. So don’t hesitate to ask questions and be vocal about your expectations so that there is no ambiguity and no room for error. Decide on a backup MUA as well, just to be prepared for any kind of emergency!

3. Budget it

Decide whether you’ll be doing your own makeup or having a friend/ professional help you. If you’re seeking professional help, figure out how much out of your budget can you carve out for your makeup. Then it is time to decide if you want to use the products the professional brings with him/ her or buy your own products. It is always advisable to invest in some good makeup which will last you a while after your wedding and can be useful during your honeymoon too. If you’ve decided to do your own makeup, you could perhaps invest in good products and fancier tools to make your job easier and quicker.

4. Schedule a trial (or two) with your MUA

4 plan your bridal makeup Most bridal packages offer a trial makeup session. Even if yours doesn’t, ask your MUA to do a similar look for any other event you might have to attend so that you know how it looks on you, well in advance. This will give you a chance to discuss any tweaks you might be wanting to do to your bridal look.

5. Lighting can make or break your look

Decide your makeup look based on the lighting at your wedding venue or vice versa. Certain lights wash out certain colours or make them appear greyish. Undertones show differently in each type of light which is why the same lighting doesn’t always work for everyone. Try out the colours in a similar lighting and gauge accordingly.

6. Always keep your options open for the look you want to go for

6 plan your bridal makeup Have a couple of makeup looks that work for you as a back-up just in case your initial look doesn’t turn out as planned. While it may be tempting to go all out and try every possible new trend since it is your special day, sticking to what has always worked for you is a better option. Decide on a few lip colours and eyeshadows that have always worked for you and have those products handy just in case you need a reliable fall-back option.

7. Do not experiment too close to your wedding

Experiment well in advance and zero in on your look and stick with it. Don’t even bother experimenting with new products too close to your wedding day, it is just not worth the risk of a skin irritation.

8. Take the weather into account

8 plan your bridal makeup If you’re having a beach wedding, skip the heavy-duty makeup and opt for a simpler look that wouldn’t look too garish or smudge. Be sure to use enough setting spray to hold the look in place. If yours is a winter wedding (and/ or you have dry skin) be sure to double up on the moisturiser and opt for a dewy look so that you don’t end up looking too parched and dull at the end of it all!

9. Find a look that will transition well

Weddings tend to have several ceremonies that often go on for hours and you may end up changing your outfit too. Keeping this in mind, choose a makeup look that goes with all your outfits and transitions well from a day look to a night look. You may not have enough time for a full blown makeup re-do, so, stick to something simple that goes with everything and looks classy and timeless. Images: Shutterstock