10 AMAZING Ways To Flaunt A Flat Tummy On Your D-Day!

10 AMAZING Ways To Flaunt A Flat Tummy On Your D-Day!
Who doesn’t want a sexy, flat tummy when wearing that gorgeous bridal lehenga? Brides-to-be, if you start well before the wedding, there are umpteen ways to get there by the time the big day arrives. With a little determination, willpower and self-control, you will get the perfect bod of your dreams! Here are 10 tips to get a flat tummy for your wedding.

1. Find Your Magic Hour

Anytime between 3 to 4 pm is a good time to consume protein-rich foods. It will not only handle your blood sugar levels, but also boost your metabolism. You must know that when your blood sugar level is balanced, it lowers the amount of insulin that gets stored in your body. Nuts, white meat, protein bars, milkshakes, all these are rich sources of protein.

2. Bid Adieu To Those Toxic Drinks!

2 flat tummy Steer clear from cold drinks, beer and that daily coffee. All this makes you gain unhealthy weight and also takes a toll on your skin. Drink water instead. Drinking lots of water will help your digestive system process the food with ease, flush toxins, and boost metabolism. You can also eat food that contains water like watermelons, cucumber, oranges and musk melons. These fruits will keep your skin hydrated and your tummy slim and sexy. Ready to flaunt that on D-day?

3. Do The Plank

Doing a plank everyday for a minute will strengthen your core and suck your tummy in. All you’ve got to do is lie parallel to the floor with your weight on your toes and elbows. Hold that position for as long as you can. It will help improve your posture and also get you a flat tummy in time for the wedding.

4. A Princess Needs Her Beauty Sleep

4 flat tummy The more sleep you get, the better your diet is kept in check. You’ll feel less tempted to binge eat and won’t put on weight easily. You should ideally sleep for 8 hours, minimum. Plus, you’re not just doing your tummy a favour, you’re also improving your skin drastically. Sleep well, bride-to-be!

5. It All Boils Down To Posture

Try not to walk with a hunch or bend too often. This slowly takes a toll on your weight and you’ll land up with baby fat around your tummy. Sit straight, stand tall and make sure that your spine is always erect. You’ll feel confident and your tummy will look fab in that gorgeous lehenga.

6. Post Workout Protein Wonders

6 flat tummy Dear bride, remember this - after working out, your body craves for protein. We’re hinting at boiled eggs and white meat because they’re rich sources of protein. They help you burn fat, build muscle and strengthen your immunity. Our advice - pick white meat over red meat, because red meat is tougher to digest and could add to health complications in the near future.

7. Veggies Are The Best

Months before your big day, switch from junk food to healthy salads. Steamed, boiled, stirfried, raw veggies, they all work wonderfully in your favor. One useful tip you should swear by is try not to chew and swallow your food too quickly, this could cause gas and bloating. Chew your veggies slowly and swallow your food at your own pace. This will make both, your tummy and digestive system super happy!  

8. Give Oatmeal A Chance

8 flat tummy Did you know that oatmeal helps lower cholesterol and supplies rich fiber to your body? It sure does! Every morning, have a bowl of crunchy oatmeal for breakfast. Not only will this healthy snack help boost your energy levels, it will also help maintain your blood sugar levels. We bet you’ll have a fitter and healthier body on your wedding day.  

9. Swear By Crunches

You want to flaunt that sexy flat tummy on your shaadi, right? Well, you’ve got to work for it! Crunches are one of the many exercises that help you get there. It’s pretty easy, but persistency is key. All you’ve got to do is lie on your back on a yoga mat. Gently bend your knees to a 60 degree angle. Cross your hands on your chest or at the back of your head, and slowly lift the top half of your body off the ground and towards your knees. You’ll know you’re doing it right when you feel the pressure on your core and abs.

10. Talk To The Pros

10 flat tummy Hire a dietitian or loop in your gym instructor. They can help you chalk down your entire diet and exercise plan, and provide you with tips and advice that will help you lose tummy fat without you having to lose weight unnaturally. Trust us, they know what’s best for you and will always look out for you. Internal Images: Shutterstock