10 ‘Date Night’ Styling Tips That’ll Make Him Go WOW!

10 ‘Date Night’ Styling Tips That’ll Make Him Go WOW!
So you’ve got a hot date with a cute guy and you really want to be your charming best. The first step to that is to dress amazingly, obviously! Every girl feels that ‘dress to impress’ pressure when faced with what to wear on a date. It’s like those usual I-have-nothing-to-wear blues but ten times worse, right girls? Well don’t panic - take a deep breath and just read our guide to dressing for a big first date. We’ve got your date outfit covered so relax and get ready to wow!

1. Pick One Great Asset

You don’t want to wear something too revealing nor look like you’re trying too hard to impress him. One great rule is to pick one best asset to show off. If you have great arms then a strapless top or maxi dress would be good. Love your legs? Cute shorts or a pretty mini skirt is a good idea. Just remember not to show too much skin and balance the look out!

2. You Can’t Go Wrong With Red

2 what to wear on a date Ladies, when in doubt, just wear red! It really is the sexiest colour and guys love a woman in red. An LRD (Little Red Dress) is something that you just can’t go wrong with, especially if you’re utterly confused. Stop stressing and get ready to impress. Even a red skirt or a pretty red top will do, if you don’t really want to go the dress route. POPxo Recommends: Red Skater Dress (Rs 899) or Red Flared Skirt (Rs 1,192)

3. This Is Not The Right Time To Experiment

An important date is really not the right time for experimenting with new trends. If you’ve never worn a new trend before or are unsure whether a certain piece would suit you, even though it’s a popular fad, save it for another time. Stick to things that you know flatter you - it’ll help you stay confident through the date. After all, confidence is the sexiest accessory you could have!

4. Give Yourself Time To Plan

4 what to wear on a date One rule that women, who are always well put together, swear by is planning their outfits in advance. Give yourself plenty of time to think and plan what you want to wear, instead of trying on things in a frenzied rush one hour before the date. That’s only going to make you feel dishevelled and distressed. So not a great way to start a date!

5. What If It’s A Casual Date…

A casual date over a cup of coffee or catching a movie can be really confusing to dress for. You want to look great but also relaxed and not too dressed up. Just remember to stick to casual staples - well-fitted jeans, a cute tee and flats. You can also try an easy dress with pockets, a nice crop top or throw on a trendy, cropped bomber jacket - it all depends on what your style is. Oh, and don’t forget your stylish sunnies if it’s a daytime date! POPxo Recommends: Double Pocket Pinafore Dress (Rs 568) or Boho Bomber Jacket (Rs 1,999)

6. And What About A Dinner Date?

6 what to wear on a date If he’s taking you out for dinner or to a bar for some drinks and dancing, you want to look sexy but you also want to stay comfortable. Don’t wear a super short dress if that’s not your style. Skinny jeans/pants and a silk tank or pretty blouse are all great choices as well. If you’re comfortable with showing some leg then you can’t go wrong with a pretty shift dress, it’s a style that flatters almost any body type. Strappy sandals, or heels or wedges and one statement accessory is all you need to pull your date night look together. POPxo Recommends: Sea Satin Camin (Rs 1,590) or Shift Dress With Lace (Rs 948)

7. Give Heavy Makeup A Miss

Ask any guy and he will tell you that too much makeup on a woman is definitely a drawback. You may love a great smokey eye and your fave wine coloured lipstick but men won’t appreciate that so much. Don’t go overboard with the makeup, guys always prefer natural beauty more. Of course, use some mascara, a great BB cream and some blush to perfect that ‘natural’ look, but that’s all you need.

8. Think About Your Footwear Game

8 what to wear on a date To wear heels or not to wear heels is one confusing question that we all face when dressing up for a date. Some girls absolutely love heels but give them a miss because they don’t want to look taller than the guy. Well ladies, it’s not like he’s going to grow taller if you guys hit it off so stop worrying and just wear them. If you’re more of a flats kinda girl, don’t wear heels just to impress him ‘coz you’re not going to be comfortable walking in them the whole time. A pretty pair of flats is as great an option as sky-high stilettoes, as long as you’re comfortable in them.

9. A Summer Dress To Stop Stressing Over Dressing

If you’re dealing with a serious case of the nothing-to-wear blues or are just really stressing over what to wear, just slip into a cute sundress. A summer dress in a soft fabric is so feminine and flirty, it’s the ideal pick for a date. The key is to look girly, flirtatious and touchable but in a subtle way, which is exactly what these dresses help you achieve. The best part is they can be paired with heels just as easily as with flats. POPxo Recommends: Lace Fit and Flare Dress (Rs 3,499)

10. Stay Comfortable and Just Be You!

10 what to wear on a date Remember if you look uncomfortable, the chances are that you’re going to make him feel uncomfortable. Only wear something if it makes you feel good. You definitely don’t want to be stuck in something you can’t breathe in or walk in properly - that’s never going to end well for you. Don’t show up in a girly dress if you’re usual style is ripped jeans and a tee. The more comfortable you are, the more confident and approachable you’ll be, which makes for a great first impression and of course, results in a second date!
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