Bestie Ki Shaadi? 11 Ways To Be The Best Bridesmaid EVER!

Bestie Ki Shaadi? 11 Ways To Be The Best Bridesmaid EVER!
Your best friend is getting married and you just cannot explain in words how happy and excited you are for her. You are the chief bridesmaid now, which means you have the responsibility of helping her choose the perfect bridal lehenga, planning the most amazing bachelorette and not to forget - handling a bridezilla bestie! To make this task slightly easy for you, we have some tips for the bestie of the bride that are sure to help you sail through your her wedding.

1. Be around and available, always

She might need you at 4 am or right in the middle of the day. She might need to discuss some important details or just want to de-stress from all the wedding planning madness. Make sure you’re always just a phone call away for her. 1 tips for the bestie of the bride

2. Help her with the wedding preparations

She will have enough wedding planning work on her plate, ladies. So, don’t wait for her to assign duties and responsibilities to you. Instead, be proactive and ask her yourself about what wedding work you need to take care of. In fact, help her choose what duty should be assigned to whom.

3. Be honest with her

Don’t just agree with everything she does or says just because she’s a bundle of nerves before her big day. Give her an honest opinion. If the lehenga colour is not suiting her skin tone, be frank with her rather than just agreeing with her just because she loves it. She will definitely thank you for this at some point. 3 tips for the bestie of the bride

4. Take command of all the wedding preps

The bride will not have time to answer questions or respond to any doubts that the photographer or the decorator might have. Accompany her to the wedding vendor meetings and inform them that you are the point of contact for any sort of confusion during the functions. You don’t want any panic calls being made to your bestie, do you?

5. Be ready on time

Make sure you are ready on time for each and every function of hers. She would want you around for sure while she is getting ready, when she has to make an entry in the function and through the ceremonies too. 5 tips for the bestie of the bride

6. Keep her phone with you

She, of course, will not be carrying her phone during the functions. So keep her mobile phone safe with you and screen calls and messages before handing her the phone.

7. She will have her moments

There could be times when she will behave in an illogical and unreasonable manner. Just stay calm during this time and understand that the term ‘bridezilla’ has been coined for a reason. She’s the bride, she is allowed to have her moods and as her bestie, you are supposed to tolerate it all and calm her down. Don’t worry, you too are bound to behave in the same way when it’s your turn to get married and hers to be your chief bridesmaid! 7 tips for the bestie of the bride

8. Keep an emergency kit handy

She will look at you each time she needs to ask whether her lipstick is fine or if and when she needs a change of pad. Keep a bag with all the essentials with you. Right from her lipstick to a perfume to mints to safety pins, keep everything she might just need handy with you.

9. Make sure she has fun too

After organising the most amazing bachelorette for her, make sure that she too is having a blast at her wedding! No matter how busy she is meeting and greeting everyone, pull her away for a fun dance to her fave song or just a quick drink, perhaps. 9 tips for the bestie of the bride

10. Prepare a great performance for her

Even if it requires you to coordinate with people from all around the world, make sure you surprise her by organising a fun performance at her sangeet. And, as the bestie of the bride, don’t forget to prepare a speech for her. Happy tears, anyone?

11. Take care of her

She will be going crazy. Calming her down is probably your most important task. Also don’t forget to check on whether she has had enough water and has eaten or not through the wedding planning period and the functions as well. 11 tips for the bestie of the bride GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr