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15 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Bigg Boss’ For 15 Minutes!

15 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Bigg Boss’ For 15 Minutes!

So for a few months now, whenever I get home a little late, I see my mom fixed in front of the television, watching Bigg Boss with full attention. And I'd never thought anything but a saas-bahu show could do that to her. So, finally, I gave in and thought I'll watch the show with her and see what all the fuss is really about. Here are a few thoughts thoughts I had while watching Bigg Boss Season 10 during the finale week!
1. How can someone wake up and just start dancing? This is so absurd. 2. Okay, both the boys are cleaning up the house and there is no sign of the girls. Maybe I LIKE this show. 3. Um, is that a cat moustache painted on Bani's face? 3 bigg boss season 10 4. So one of these four people are going to win the show. And all of them can still not stop whining? 5. Okay, I take that back, they're actually better than all these evicted people who are visiting. 6. Oh, wow, there is shaayari now. Interesting. 6 bigg boss season 10 7. When are the ads going to come? They're probably more entertaining than this. 8. How do people DO this? For an hour? Every day?!!! 9. This is actually a lot more sober than when that guru was in the house and everyone just kept screaming. This is *actually* quite boring. 9 bigg boss season 10 10. I kinda see how people can get hooked to this, though. All of these contestants are such drama queens.
11. Okayyy, then. Are they actually throwing wet sponges at each other's faces?! 12. Do people actually sit and watch and vote? Or do the show people just make that up? 12 bigg boss season 10 13. Ughhh, lecture, lecture, lecture. These contestants are worse than all the pados-wali aunties put together. 14. Isn't this basically like every election ever, though? Candidates, politics, drama and chaos. But with random musical moments. 15. I'm pretty sure that a show about my life would be so much better than this. 15 bigg boss season 10 Images: Tumblr
Published on Jan 28, 2017
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